Awesome. It's Wednesday again, and while the list of games on the New Zealand store that are scheduled to hit there US market at 11:00 PM Eastern tonight is looking a little slim, there's some great stuff in here… And it's pretty early, so it's always possible more stuff leaks out throughout the day. A lot of these very much are premium games with premium price tags, so let's hope that everyone who was mad about news this week that gamers prefer free games with ads put their money where their mouth is and sends these soaring up the charts!

Here's what's on our radar so far, and their associated forum threads:

Check back, as I'm pretty sure more games will get added to this list throughout the day.

  • Maglor

      \\ Λ_Λ
       \( ‘ㅅ’ ) FTL and Monument Valley IN$TABU¥
        > ⌒ヽ
       /   へ\
       /  / \\
       レ ノ   ヽ_つ
      / /
      / /|
     ( (ヽ
     | |、\

    • 7lilwhitewolf7

      Wow Maglor!!! Your cat lookz funky. Like itz about 2 play 7 dance tha knight away

      • nini

        Don't encourage him.

  • Matt Curtis

    Not a bad lineup, looking forward to Monument Valley in particular.

    • Kiltedsheep

      Yes, bring on Monument Valley! The trailer looked fantastic. Am curious to try FTL as it's got so many fans, even though it sounds like a rather stressful experience

      • loophole

        Haha! FTL is really stressful but super fun, nonetheless. I was wondering, does anyone know if Monument Valley is iPad only?

      • Frost

        Its Universal. Works on iPod Touch 5 and above, iPhone 4 and above and iPad

  • Killerluffy246


  • Killerluffy246


    • Deixa


      • VirtualBoyFreak

        FTL is very decent... Awesome, tbh...

  • Amenbrother

    I think big updates or new chapters of existing games should be in this post too. Be kind of neat to know say for instance Joe Devers Lone Wolf update came out today or is coming out sometime today. Also Castle Doombad update comes out tonight I believe.

    • Jacob007

      I support this! Would be nice.

    • nini

      Eh, if the game is a big enough deal and a forum darling then it'll get a news article of its own. Would get kinda lost in a article about new games anyway.

  • Unfrozen

    SO many great releases this week. I am almost sad that I have a busy weekend trip planned.

  • elliotriley

    Perhaps "Blackmoor" from Mooff games is also releasing this evening? It looks AWESOME, and I am a pretty big fan of their other games (Toon Shooters and Maximus)

  • rich_952000

    Donut Games is one of my favorite iOS developers. Their classic game Monkey Flight was one of my first, casual, game addictions toward the beginning of the AppStore.

    Anyway, Monday evening the worthy successor to it, Monkey Flight 2 quietly hit iTunes and has consumed nearly all my time since. Do yourself a favor and pick it up.


  • fearlesskk

    Bad week... FTL only ipad...

    • StealthDawg

      There always has to be one that says bad week. Unreal. I guess Eli still gets to keep his bet money he wagered at GDC.

      • Orlando Vito Júnior

        Maybe Eli is the one posting it so he can keep his bet money...

      • Jake7905

        And I thought this would be the week he lost that bet; I guess he was betting on the nature of IOS gamers, not on the quality of the games released.

  • 3mry5

    So glad I saved enough of my iTunes to get monument valley AND ftl,
    Life is good

  • CDRwasabi

    Me each Wednesday morning: "maybe wayward souls will come out THIS week" No no no wait it'll be next week for sure. *next week*: dang, well it's gotta be NEXT Wednesday. .......But it never is...

  • bigjack66

    Monument valley looks nice the rest are a bit ho hum! Where's Abducted and Republique episode coming?

  • mzinn

    Monument valley - yes please

  • FookedonHonix

    Monument Valley for me. Not only does this game base its mechanics on M. C. Escher's impossible objects, but it looks and sounds like it has very high production standards. This simply looks and sounds amazing. Without a doubt an instant buy for me. I really hope there is a level based on M. C. Escher's Relativity piece as well.

  • AndyTalk

    Add Skyline Skaters - it's a really cool endless runner!

  • mohmoh12

    Where's mc5

  • ScottySauce

    Ummmm helloooo it's all about Fairway Solitaire Blast!!

    • Jake7905

      Do you mean, Freemium Fairway Solitaire Blast?

  • H4nd0fg0d

    What, MC5 in September? Come on already, my most anticipated title of 2014 or shld I say 2015.

  • falco

    Hey guys I just wanted to say Blizzard Entertainment made a flappy bird clone "Happy Reaper" but it was April fool joke!

  • suhail

    Momument valley is out and its awesome

  • markymarkanddafunkybunch

    Monument valley looks sick

  • Scape3d

    Monument Valley all day (night)!

  • res0

    Hearthstone is also coming out tonight. 🙂

    • res0

      Actually maybe not. Maybe just a NZ only release. Lame.

  • BalckJoe Joes

    The best iPhone 2048 game ever! It's free and beautiful and you cannot lose!! Try to get the best record!

  • Chungston

    FTL is amazing. Get it if you have never tried it!