World of Tanks has been a hit on PC since its first version in 2010. A free to play MMO tank battler, World of Tanks puts you in the driver seat of a tank, and thanks to its highly strategic gameplay, it has gained a massive following over the past few years. Developer Wargaming has been hard at work on an iOS version since then. Although it does not share the exact same gameplay, World of Tanks: Blitz is based on the experience that players know and love from the PC version but built from the ground up for mobile devices. You’ll engage in seven on seven multiplayers battles on 7 maps using medium and heavy tanks. Wargaming has recently released a new trailer showcasing the gameplay and letting people know that the game is currently in closed beta.

You can sign-up for the beta here if you’ve got an iPad 2 or up. If you don’t make it in don’t worry, the game should be out globally soon enough. Meanwhile, come by this thread if you want to discuss anything World of Tanks: Blitz related.

  • Azzotix

    This is sweet I signed up!!

  • the_rebel14

    It looks OK. If it had some of the features of Battle Supremacy but evened the tanks out I think it would be great!

  • Bloodangel

    Please be Iphone too 🙁

    • ffaust

      It's on the iphone also. Battle supremacy is better in my opinion. I was accepted to the beta a couple days ago.

      • Azzotix

        Lol that's impossible it began yesterday

      • CzechCongo

        Lol you're wrong. I've been playing since Thursday.

      • Azzotix

        Wow someone's pissed..... ^

      • fearlesskk

        Both of u are saying crap tgo

  • Killerluffy246

    Does this game contains single player campaign mode ?

    • videba


  • valkuryn

    Better than Battle Supremacy IMO, there are light, medium, heavy tanks, tank destroyers and spc's, USA, USSR, and Germany tech trees. And it has been in beta for more than a week FYI. I started last Wednesday night.

  • rich_952000

    I love Battle Supremacy, it's already on my device, and it's updated regularly. This game would have to be really impressive for me to give up BS.

  • XzJ450NzX

    Guys, how did you get the game to download?

  • videba

    I got in and I really like it so far, ask me a question if you want!

    • Rip73

      You should really read the non disclosure agreement you accepted before answering questions. They will bounce you out of the beta for revealing details of the game.

  • Toyota974

    I'm hoping for a more simulator like experience than Battle Supremacy, more strategy involved, and of course... More tanks...

    I'd like to see more accurate performance figures, shell speed and type, historically accurate reload times, accurate speed, weight, power and "weak spots"...

    I could go on and on, but in a nutshell, I'd like more of a simulator and less of an arcade game. Battle Supremacy is a brilliant game, but I'm hoping this can do better.

  • Azzotix

    Hey guys how long does it take to get into the beta?

  • ThePersonDerp

    I guess they hate ipod 5...