If I could have an iPhone developer spirit animal, it'd have to be Galcon's [$1.99] Phil Hassey. The guy always seems to be doing cool stuff between tending his goats, to making adaptations of his game that use marbles, and now, apparently, getting custom totem poles made to honor video game related things:

Carved by chainsaw artist Patrick Armstrong, the one side has standard faces on it, and the other is home to some special icons: Cuzco the goat, the Galcon icon, the Ludum Dare game jam joystick, and Dynamite Jack [$4.99]. It took four days in all, and it's officially the craziest monument to iOS gaming that I've seen so far.

  • Kevin897


  • nini

    Monument to iOS gaming or one to one dev's ego?

    • drlemon

      Phil gets to do this stuff. He's that cool.

    • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

      I guess that depends if you look at neat things like this in a "Huh, that's pretty cool" sort of way, or a typical ultra-negative Nancy internet commenter sort of way.

  • Frost

    I find it amazing

  • V for Viennetta

    This may be going against the general consensus, but to me it looked nicer as a tree.

    • philhassey

      We really like our trees too. That one was beetle killed and would have fallen over within a few years. This was the best way to preserve it!

  • Unfrozen

    I think that's a cool way to recycle a dead tree.