So what started as a joke has since turned in to a real thing, and I'm pretty sure Hodappy Bird is going to change the face of iOS gaming forever. So, I better stream as much as I possibly can before then because all of these games are going to look like absolute trash once the new era of iOS gaming is ushered in via Hodappy Bird. Yeah.

There's three ways you can watch the stream:

1. Scroll up to the top of the page here and watch it embedded right here on TouchArcade. By default the volume is set to 0%, so be sure to crank that slider up if you're in a place where you can have sound.

2. Actually heading over to Twitch and viewing the stream over there. It's basically the same as above, except with a slightly different layout for the stream and the chat.

3. Download the TwitchTV app [Free] and watch the stream live on your iOS device. If you haven't tried the app in a while, it's worth revisiting as it just got a massive update that makes it way better. Once you're in the app, either search for "TouchArcade" or hit the link on your iOS device.

I usually stream until around 7:00 PM Central time, and you can find an archive of our stream videos over on our YouTube channel. I upload them right after the stream each day, so depending on how long YouTube takes to process them, if you miss a stream they're usually available in an hour or two.

Please be sure to follow us on Twitch, and if you really like the TouchArcade stream, subscribe. A premium subscription is $4.99 a month, and gets you a slick little TA icon next to your name in chat. We're still working on other cool things to do with our subscribers, but right now just imagine it as a virtual tip jar.

Thanks for watching, everyone!

Update: Thanks for watching, everyone! I'm uploading all the videos, and they'll be processed and ready to view shortly.

Shattered Planet RPG [Free]

Chaos Fighters [Free]

Kotoro [$1.99]

Star Wars: Assault Team [Free]

Game of Thrones Ascent [Free]

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  • Alexythimia23

    Have i missed something? What is hodappy bird!!!

    • Eli Hodapp

      What isn't Hodappy Bird?

      • Zaraf

        Well it's not an iPhone 6. Nor is it a jug of milk. I can think of a few more things it isn't 🙂

      • dollbaby

        Everything else. Get a clue

      • ricanrann

        Wtf so much for a straight answer. I wanna know too guys

      • thiagovscoelho

        it's not mikey flapps for sure

        though I can see a crossover

    • Anotherkellydown

      All you guys have to do is listen to the TouchArcade podcast on Friday nights. I personally look forward to them every week. That might shed some light on your question 😀

    • coolpepper43

      Its going to be an April fools joke.

      • Alexythimia23

        So i take it no one has a straight answer?? Is it just an edgy lil catchphrase to describe the visual diahorrea that was the flappy bird phenomenon lmao i wanted to know because Eli kept saying hodappy bird was the greatest thing to happen to gaming, so i just wanted to make sure it was just a made up thing to describe the crappy bird, sorry gotta stop doin that, flappy bird trend 🙂

    • BabyBrian78

      It's the worst game of the years. Some nonsense cooked up by the arrogant editor of this website. Started as a lowly writer, worked himself by seducing underage children from the forum. His ego is colossal but his common sense is 0. Nothing to see here IMHO

  • None

    It's the worst game of the years. Some nonsense cooked up by the arrogant editor of this sure. Nothing to see here IMHO