Aww yeah, it's Wednesday and time for another New Zealand game M-m-m-m-megastream. Here's the games I'm going to be streaming and the order they're going to be streamed:

Boom Beach (by Supercell)

Firework Apprentice (by Lukasz Przekwas)

Flashout 2 - (by Jujubee)

Folt (by Nonverbal)

GooHoo (by Evil Twin Artworks)

King of Shmups (by Illogical)

Land Phil (by Bulkhead Studios)

Little Big Adventure - (by DotEmu)

Maya The Bee: The Ant's Quest - (by Bulkypix)

Nerdy Workout (by Joseph Rothenberg)

Pigs With Problems (by Wham Bam)

Red Bull Racers (by Red Bull)

Sometimes You Die (by Phillip Stollenmeyer)

Scuba Diver Adventures: Beyond The Depths - (by Chillingo Ltd)

Tiny Space Adventure - (by Alexandre Minard)

zRacer (by Robert Johnson)

0-snake [extreme]

There's three ways you can watch the stream:

1. Scroll up to the top of the page here and watch it embedded right here on TouchArcade. By default the volume is set to 0%, so be sure to crank that slider up if you're in a place where you can have sound.

2. Actually heading over to Twitch and viewing the stream over there. It's basically the same as above, except with a slightly different layout for the stream and the chat.

3. Download the TwitchTV app [Free] and watch the stream live on your iOS device. If you haven't tried the app in a while, it's worth revisiting as it just got a massive update that makes it way better. Once you're in the app, either search for "TouchArcade" or hit the link on your iOS device.

I usually stream until around 7:00 PM Central time, and you can find an archive of our stream videos over on our YouTube channel. I upload them right after the stream each day, so depending on how long YouTube takes to process them, if you miss a stream they're usually available in an hour or two.

Please be sure to follow us on Twitch, and if you really like the TouchArcade stream, subscribe. A premium subscription is $4.99 a month, and gets you a slick little TA icon next to your name in chat. We're still working on other cool things to do with our subscribers, but right now just imagine it as a virtual tip jar.

Thanks for watching, everyone!

Update: Stream is offline, currently processing the videos!

  • Duuude

    WHY do you have to put that RIGHT ON THE HOMEPAGE and WITH AUTOPLAY ???
    I don't want to refresh and got a blaring video ????

    • Rawk GWJ

      I didn't get the auto play. Maybe you tapped play by accident. Or maybe your settings have enabled auto play.

    • Eli Hodapp

      Do you have some kind of weird no script or browser plugin that might be causing this? I just double checked and it very much is muted by default, it's the same code I've been using since forever.

      • Duuude

        It happened to me a couple of times over the last days.
        I don't have a lot of addons anyway, the rest is pretty standard.
        Can't you just put a screenshot or logo on the homepage and the video only when I click the article?

        Don't get me wrong, I like watching them, just not like this ...

      • Duuude

        By the way: Today it does NOT autostart anymore.
        Maybe this happens only when you are live at that time?