It's Wednesday again, and here's the weekly onslaught of iOS games. Supercell's Boom Beach is likely going to steal the show, at least when it comes to massive iTunes featuring when it launches tomorrow. I played it for quite a bit on stream yesterday and was actually really surprised by how much I like it. I sort of missed the boat on Clash of Clans, but Boom Beach's Canadian soft launch has sucked me in.


Here's what's on our radar for tonight, and as always, it's possible that more stuff could be released in the meantime and will appear in our normal 11:00 PM Eastern post. Also, since Boom Beach is soft launched, chances are it'll appear at a really weird time whenever Supercell flips the global release switch.

  • Jacob007

    No no no I'm already going broke enough! ๐Ÿ™

  • caaalrb

    Can we just fast forward to the Seabeard release?

  • Echoen

    Tonight, nope. Next week, and after, yes!

    • gquiller

      Wayward is mid April. I just checked their twitter feed...

      • Echoen

        Yes, hopefully "before mid-April" before PAX 2014 so he said but quality comes first. 2 years in the making!

  • thesinmaster

    Wik wik

  • Dammster

    Boom Beach! Nice. CoC is along the Real Racing 3 the only F2P game I enjoy a lot for a long time and without any money.

  • DtheGOPkiller

    Last few weeks has been a bit weak. Wake me up when Strangers Wrath HD comes out on iPad.

  • mr_bez

    Tiny Space Adventure is tonight too, right? Sometimes We Die will by my first purchase though.

  • Killerluffy246

    Oh plz its another boring week , when am I
    going to spend my gift card ???!! Aarrgghh !!!!

    • Eli Hodapp

      I made a $100 bet with a friend at GDC that we will never be able to post one of these lists without someone saying how boring it is, so, thanks for letting my money ride one week longer.

      • araczynski

        I've been sitting on $230 in my iTunes account for about a year. Seems to be week after week of crapware, free2iap, crappybirds and endless runners. At this rate I'm just going to dump iOS as a real gaming platform before the iPad pro ever makes it onto the shelves.

  • sivad

    Also Little Big Adventure, by dotemu, since that will probably be my only download this week by the looks of the releases

  • --DarkbosS--


  • benexclaimed

    I think Shattered Planet is coming out tonight, which is a fun roguelike. Freemium but not intrusive at all. Pretty unique look and theme, too.

    • baldeagle86

      I've been playing the soft launch and it is awesome!! Super original space themed rogue like, with a cool gear mechanic and very difficult

    • ZeroVoid

      Thanks for mentioning it! I just grabbed it, seems pretty fun.

  • nimu

    Just waiting for Seabeard!
    Apparently it comes out this summer though ๐Ÿ™

  • mindseyes

    Want there already a boom beach or game just like it? Not clash of clans sounds familiar

  • Nekku

    Little Big Adventure (celebrating the 90's woohoo) and Flashout 2 for me.
    But...but where is my Hearthstone? D':

    • falco

      Hearthstone will probably coming after Pax east like 11-14 April.

  • jl802

    Modern Combat 5?

  • svan11

    I keep hoping Square Enix will surprise us with Dragon Quest. They're already about to release DQIV in Japan and it looks awesome - just like the DS remake. Why won't they share?

  • bigjack66

    There's a few interesting looking games tonite. Hope Flasout2 isn't the wall banger the first one was. There's another game called Stranded2 been out for a few days unfortunately can't tell you if it's any good cause it doesn't work on my machine I've played other games by him (Gary Leuchford) which were good.

  • thecool111

    Boom beach is out now for the US App Store now.

  • CkX82

    Boom Beach requires constant internet connection. Deleted.

  • jamieladc

    Dear oh dear. Another grim week.

  • Jake7905

    When freemium games are the highlight, you know it's a bad week for new releases.

    • Irvin

      Agree, I don't look at free to play games now, the iap just breaks the game.

  • jeffyg3

    Little Big Adventure is one of the best games I've played when I was younger. I've finished it multiple times and got it on my Mac recently. It's still a great game to this day. So it kinda sucks to see the lack of coverage and excitement for this release. Out of all the games listed, Little Big Adventure is the only one I really care for

    • Kiltedsheep

      I'm with you on this one. LBA was a childhood favourite and I can't wait to get it on my ipad! Here's hoping the controls don't let it all down

    • Patt

      Same! Really looking forward to this.

  • carlosalba

    What about Ravensburger Puzzle? it's the game I have been waiting for this week.

    • gquiller

      What game in particular are you referring to?

    • CzechCongo

      The name of the game is Ravensburger Puzzle, like he said.

      And it is out and available to me (US) already. Downloading.

  • Ramaz1234

    Boom Beach is the best game!

  • ste86uk

    Already had Boom Beach since soft launch so nothing that was on my radar tonight but a game or two there I'll have to see how they go down.

  • bigjack66

    Played LBP 20yrs ago on ps1 may give it another go see what I can remember of it.