The first episode of Joe Dever's Lone Wolf [Free] was gorgeously presented but had a few shortcomings upon its launch that were highlighted in our review. This gamebook turned 3D RPG wasn’t balanced properly, and it turned out to be too challenging for many players.

Nevertheless, the adventure was engrossing enough, and I couldn’t wait for the second episode to come out. Well, that waiting is finally coming to an end, as Bulkypix has come out of the shadows with both a teaser and a release date for Lone Wolf's second episode.

You’ll be able to purchase it on April 3rd when it releases as an in-app purchase in the current Lone Wolf app. If you’re still on the fence, don’t be a lone wolf, jump by our thread here and read some impressions on the first installment.

  • Ultradud


  • Fangbone

    Awesome news! The first episode was fantastic and I'm looking forward to this episode raising the bar even further.

  • Bool Zero


  • Amenbrother

    Awesomeness. Is that even a word?

    • Bool Zero

      It is when regarding releases like these, yes! Besides, English is a living language with new words added daily... Even if they break grammatical conventions!

  • Fangbone

    This is great news. The first episode was fantastic and I can't wait to see the awesomeness that will be bestowed upon us.

  • ToraSama

    I have been chomping at the bit... 3 char slots loaded with bada$$ different builds. Time to upgrade that armor, and start blowing rings of Fire!! Yup, Yup!

  • Forge Reply

    Thanks for the news on the front page!

    We're very excited by the Act 2 of the game and we worked really hard to fix the issues of the first 1, adding a lot of new contents.

    Can't wait to release it!

  • Cookies

    Winter is coming pretty late this year...

  • bigjack66

    Jesus the first one was one of the most irritating turn based games ever!

  • Rawk GWJ

    The unbalanced difficulty of the first game turned me off a bit. The game paralyzing crash bugs kept me from finishing it. They won't be getting another 5 scheckles from me. B-(
    waa waaaa....

    • Amenbrother

      Dude really? The first episode was awesome, one of the most immersive experiences I have had on IOS.

  • smiffee666

    yeah they rebalanced the difficulty all the way through and more importantly, on the last boss which, quite frankly, was near impossible (for me) before the update but loved this game to death and i thought it was the best gamebook hybrid i've played yet, was just a little too short but hey ho, i'll take the quality over quantity any day!! lookin forward to bein able to buy pt 2