One of the poster children for the massive success of free to play on mobile is Supercell's Clash of Clans [Free], and as per a tweet from the official App Store Twitter account we'll be getting their follow-up title Boom Beach worldwide this Thursday. Boom Beach shares many similarities to Clash of Clans though it's definitely a very different game. It soft-launched in Canada back in November, and impressions from early adopters in our forums are actually quite positive (assuming you aren't put off by typical free to play mechanics).


If you are a legit Canadian or simply have access to a Canadian App Store account, you can check out Boom Beach right now with the link below. Based on what people who have been playing the Canadian soft-launch version have been saying, it sounds like Supercell has really done a lot of tweaking to the game to ensure it's in top shape for its worldwide release this week. If you can't be fussed with messing around with the soft-launch version, then just hang tight for a couple more days (or even as early as tomorrow) when Boom Beach sees its official launch.

Canadian App Store Link: Boom Beach, Free (Universal)

  • HansKaosu


  • Kevin897

    Who cares about this freemium shit? Clash of Clans is the top grossing app because the IAP's are pretty much needed to play.

    • PallaZ

      I absolutely disagree. I am at town hall level 9 and was forced to buy iApp in order to proceed. I bought some gems for the an additional builder's hut, but not because unneeded it, because I wanted to give the devs something back. I do really enjoy this game and so far I've maxed out everything from town hall 8. Currently I am upgrading 4 of the most expensive buildings at the same time. In fact: it is possible to progress in this game. So stop spreading your BS.

      PS: Same goes for Boom Beach. Never have bought anything, and I'm doing progress on a daily basis.

      • PallaZ

        *was never forced

    • awresnick

      Kevin I totally disagree. I've been playing coc for 1.5 years now and have paid supercell about $45 not because I needed to but because I felt like giving something back to devs who made such an engaging game. Btw, the TouchArcade clan is super fun!

    • Shaun Jones

      IAP's are not needed to play. I'm so sick and tired of people saying that all freemium games require you to pay. God forbid the developers try to make a few extra dollars on their hard work. I've been playing CoC for over a year now and never once have I felt the need to pay to enjoy my experience with the game.

    • worldcitizen1919

      Exactly. I deleted it once I started getting 15 minute timers for every building. I want to play for a few hours not in cribs and drabs but unless you fork out real cash and plenty of it you can't play continuously which I want to do. A piece of IAP trash. Yes you can progress if you're willing to wait for ages for timers to complete but if you want to play continuously then this is trash.

    • austin

      Really disagree. Been playing for a little over a year, now Town Hall Level 9, and I haven't paid a dime for the game. I'm still enjoying it to this day. I honestly feel like I'd enjoy it less if I did break down and buy things.

  • Gabriel.est

    At last. Yei.

  • ste86uk

    I've played since soft launch started and I enjoy this more than CoC I did stop for a while but have gotten back into it. I never spend a penny on these games on CoC I have a max level town hall and never purchased gems. This is a great free game and more fun to play for me.

  • worldcitizen1919

    It's out in the Australian store too! I just clicked on the link and it's there and downloading

  • worldcitizen1919

    Basically a game of progressive timers with a paywall later on in the game. Sure you can play it at first but don't be deceived these guys are out to make money so inevitably there is a paywall when you get to much higher levels.

    And to those who want to give back to the dev. The game's designed that way to get money from those who want to win badly and those who have a conscience.

    I like the game so far but not pleased that the starting price of gems is $5.49 and not $1.99. You can see that these devs are getting greedier and greedier when they up the starting price on gems and give no $1.99 option. What next a $10 starting price!?,?? Goog game terrible IAP's can't recommend getting too involved with this as you'll definitely hit paywalls and the minimum spend is $5

  • worldcitizen1919

    Deleted. I don't want to keep waiting for timers to complete. Ridiculous game. A cash cow. Everytime I want to build something now its a 15 minute timer or pay up. I don't want to wait 15 mins every time I build something.

  • toofinedog

    Started playing Boom Beach last week. Been playing Clash of Clans for a year. I don't purchase any IAP, and it doesn't hinder me. I play, then I go live my life while I wait for upgrades to complete.

    • toofinedog

      On CoC, I am TH10 with adequate progression in defenses and troops levels.

  • marcanthony0313

    So does this mean no ones gonna play Clash anymore? Great, I'm just now at TH 7.

  • Di Hoc Roi

    That's great!

  • awresnick

    Haha Marc, no, this is just something else to play while your clash timers are counting down!