Pixel People came out early last year, and we couldn't get enough of it in our review. If you loved Pixel People, the pseudo-sequel of sorts, Pixel Powers is something you can't miss. Instead of building a city, you're saving a city with a whole host of super heroes that you build up. Check out the demo:

Pixel Powers is still in development, and I've got a feeling it's going to be huge. As I say in the video, the best part of Sim City always was dealing with disasters. This seems even better.

  • MartinLentz

    This Dev is awesome. 🙂

  • vicsark

    I really liked Pixel People, and the game had huge content updates. I'm still playing it occasionnaly, and enjoy the pixel art and clever humor.
    but I was a bit down with the highly priced (but non necessary though) IAP, and the constant use of Facebook instead of Game Center 🙁
    I also feel like my town is too bloated now, got too much of everything, it's not much fun anymore.

    So I'm pretty excited for a sequel! 🙂

    Go Lambdamu!

  • Flamingo

    Who knew Arnold Schwarzenegger was such an amazing dev?

  • Papa Deuce

    I hated dealing with disasters.

  • King

    Better not be pay 2 win

    • Bliquid

      Win what..?

      • King

        at the game