To coincide with the movie of the same title launching around the same time is Gameloft's Captain America: The Winter Soldier. It's another comic book beat 'em up, set in the Captain America universe (obviously) but the incredible part is just how much better it looks than Gameloft's previous similar games. Full shadows, reflections, and more. Check it out:

I'm stoked for more Gameloft releases, but, of course, it's hard to look at anything they're releasing these days without wondering where the heck the new Modern Combat is.

  • Kevin897

    Screw Gameloft. It's gonna be a fremium piece of trash, or knowing gameloft it'll be $7 and still push IAP's on you.

  • bigjack66

    Seen it, it's been done before! Justice League did it, it's average at best!

  • Echoen

    Kinda like Lord of Zombies but all-out on freemium goodness

  • Based Xatu

    This game looks like it plays like flaccid penis.

    • daniel schroeder

      So in other words, it's on your watch list?

      • Eli Hodapp

        Comment of the year.

    • coolpepper43

      Flaccid Penis is one of my faves. I heard they will be making a sequel. Flaccid Penis: The Hardening. INSTABUY!

    • REkzkaRZ

      Don't know, but thanks for your experienced insight.

  • hourglass

    Gamloft? Are you kidding me? This game is going to be terrible.

    • Opinion

      Did you expect anything else?

  • Mauiwoweee

    I think the upcoming spiderman game will be better than this game. NO A MUST HAVE GAME!!!!

  • curtisrshideler

    I wasn't sure if I was going to download this, but after seeing that it will play in portrait mode I'm definitely going to be downloading it now! I just wish Thor and Iron Man would've played in portrait mode as well. Would've played them more.

  • MaqueGenio

    bu...bu....but the shadows, the reflections....So beautiful.
    You can not be serious. Its like you are describing a Crytek game.In fact that Collectibles game looks worlds apart from this.

  • SandmanSandlin

    Looks freakin terrible. It seems like all these free to play games are being geared towards 5 year olds who will spam that in-game purchase button until their parents are bankrupt and they're all living on the streets. I would have expected more from a Captain America game, but then again, Gameloft doesn't care what those who don't spend hundreds of dollars in IAP think. Same with every mobile game company these days I guess.

    • Stormourner

      if the kids start spamming on IAPs you know it's always their parents' fault

      • Themostunclean

        Their parents giving them access to their AppleID password really would make it their fault. Many people using an iPad to replace good parenting is also their fault.

      • Stormourner

        and of course they give them their credit card aswell. I bet you heard about the european government going after the freemium games, sigh!!!! parent these days

    • silentvoodoo silent

      Actually what you are saying cannot be closer to the truth, used to work there, had a shitload of complaints of parents wanting their money back, ranging from 300$ to 2000$ , most of the time on google play.

  • James D. Dunn

    It..... it doesn't look very good.... Sluggish and slow pace. I would expect high action to match the movies and brawler feel. Probably a pass.

  • iValerio1990

    "Play a game for the graphic is like watch a p**n video for the story".
    Freemium is bad