We're not big into previewing many of these kind of timer-based multi-currency free to play games, but Here Be Monsters seems neat because it includes everything. You like crafting? They got it. Collecting, trapping monsters, fishing, tweaking out your homestead? They got it. They're billing it as a "light MMO" and while it might really not appeal to the gamer-y crowd of TA, it's neat to see how expansive these games are getting.

This should be our last video with crazy audio, sorry about that again.

It's playable now as a Facebook game, with an iOS version coming shortly.

  • curtneedsaride

    Animal Crossing meets Minecraft meets Pokemon?! On steroids?? I don't know if my brain can handle it...

  • OrionnoirO

    Seems interesting, I might have to try out the Facebook game and see what it feels like hands-on. Some games like this scare me off, but, with the variety in the game it could actually work out..

    • tommet

      Yeah. It's got timers too. Pass.

      • OrionnoirO

        Ugh, that's a shame... It seemed to have some qualities that looked interesting, but if that's the case it seems I will be moving along as well..

      • 61050

        idk though, if the game really tackles so many different facets of mobile gaming all encompassingly, if you end up with a timer blocking you from battling, couldnt you just go pimp your ride while on a treasure hunt looking for stamps to collect until the timer is up?

        this whole "timer... pass" thing going on is incredibly juvenile. i dont really give a shit what any of you do with your time, but to pass on a game that hasnt even been released yet is based on a mechanic they may or may not work well for this title is just dumb.

        it would be like never visiting germany because your great great grandmother was 1/10th jewish and since hitler slaughtered millions of jews, "germany... pass". i can only hope that your judgmental attitudes stop at video games and don't carry over into your daily lives. not every company is ea.

      • OrionnoirO

        Wow, talk about hypocritical? You are presenting even more of a judgmental attitude than I would consider anyone else here has. It is not juvenile at all, I don't particularly care for games that present paywalls or timers that you either have to wait to play a game (that is incredibly tacky, as well as the opposite of what a developer should want to do, as they would WANT you to play the game, not do something else INSTEAD of playing due to a timer) or spend money to get past it. There really aren't too many arguments that would support that idea in the first place, unless the game is so good that you would care to wait out the timers, just to keep playing. I hope in the future you can reserve such a drastic response to people finding an obvious problem with such a mechanic.

        EDIT - Also, the game IS out, at least on Facebook, so people are getting an idea of what the gameplay is like already, including the timers, which is what I commented about.

      • caaalrb

        As someone who pretty much only plays iPhone games on the shitter, this sounds alright to me.

  • King

    >free to play

    Into le trash it goes

  • Ramaz1234

    Cool. Will try out Facebook version later tonight.

  • Siveon


  • http://www.pulppoetry.com/ EZ

    Haters gonna hate. Shame how willing people are to close their mind once they think they know what they like.

    If you like to craft, create, and explore, it's excellent. If you like
    blowing stuff up or pushing the limits of your hand-eye coordination,
    you will likely be bored.

    I played this game a bunch on Facebook. It is a stand out game. For the vocal minority of gamers who build their identity on hating the majority of games, this game doesn't fall into the exploitative traps of those games you spend too much of your life hating! It's very player first, and it's pretty clear from early on if you have the capability of looking past your prejudices. It may not be your style, but that's no reason to hate it.

    Free-to-play? Yup. And unlike most Facebook (and an increasing number of mobile) games, they mean it. You can even get materials to get food (energy) pretty easily and play as long as you want. You can also get materials to skip timers (a little more difficult, but it's balanced in favor of players).

    Multi-currency? Yup. It's not a big push to spend, spend, spend. Even better, their pricing tiers are pretty generous. $5 will easily get you six months of daily play (less if you buy on a sale).

    Timers? Yeah. So what? Starcraft has timers when you build stuff, too. MOST of the timers, especially at low level, are a few minutes. Perfect amount of time as you're doing other stuff. Even better for mobile, as they creep up into longer times, all you'll need is to hop on your phone for a few seconds.

    The big downside (for most gamists) is that it's very casual themed with few core systems. It's very "nice" with fairies, elven people, and pleasantly ugly monsters in a childlike cartoonish style. The conflict is all low stakes. The trapping is nothing like Pokemon, there is no fighting. It's mostly collection, and most of the reason to do it is crafting (or quests).

    Crafting can ramp up to very difficult/tedious at higher levels, much like any MMO, with rare drops and long timers. Most of the quests are of the "go here, do this" variety, and while a good guide, they are very rarely interesting by themselves. Most of the difficulty is timer or rare-drop based. However, the upside (even at low level) is that crafting is generally profitable! You can get money (soft currency anyway), energy, and "potions" that decrease times. If you kinda like crafting in any MMOs, this is among the best (and much better than WoW).

    However, I'm an exploration player. And that's where this game excels. A fantasy map of Earth, with tons of hard to get to places, rare things to find in various corners. It's worth to play just to poke around the alternate Earth they created.

  • haewyre99

    I love exploration games too, especially one that gathers all my favorite things into one like this. Looks like it'll be fun, if that's your cup of tea...but that's the whole idea. Different games excite different people. If it's not for you, then hey...o. k., ok?

    Eli, keep bringing us games like this, don't narrow your scope just because of what you may perceive as your reader base. If there are others like me, I've just read silently for a long time and have loved everything you've done and continue to do for us. Continue to bring word of everything creative that's on the horizon and we'll keep listening...and speaking up when we feel the need. 🙂

  • haewyre99

    This is available now on the AppStore.

  • iMaxx

    This game is great. I have been playing it all weekend and yes you can pay to advance but I am already lvl 22 and have not spent a dime. I do not see any pay wall of any kind.