Last week we told you that Halfbrick had soft-launched their latest creation Bears vs. Art in the Canadian and Australian App Stores, and today during GDC they've released the first official gameplay trailer for the game. If you haven't been able to check out the soft-launch version and are curious what the game's about, check out the trailer.

Bears vs. Art is still only currently available in Australia and Canada, but Halfbrick is hoping to launch the game worldwide "soon" so stay tuned to TouchArcade's front page as well as our forums and we'll let you know when it's widely available.

  • slamraman

    Personally, I'd like more Steakfries.

  • starmonkey101

    I love half brick but this doesn't look that much fun

  • ste86uk

    It's pretty good but I'm stuck so haven't been on for a few days now.

  • Ederfb

    I love Halbrick, but this game is pretty boring and uninspiring... It's a boring clone of many other puzzle games like that. Played it for a few minutes and deleted it.

  • ImJPaul

    This might be halfbricks first mistake game. Even if it is though, their track record speaks for itself. Thought other games might share this ones fate. Optimistic that I am wrong.

    • nini

      Thought their first mistake was Fish Out Of Water, eitherway I guess it's true they have lost their touch for unique and classic games.

  • Adams Immersive

    Is this like the classic Oxyd?

    I like Oxyd, I like bears, and I like preserving art. Two out of three ain't bad!