You may be familiar with Ensomniac Studios by their iOS game Glint [Free], which was just released to the App Store last week. The one-man studio is here at GDC showing off a new iOS gaming project, tentatively titled Quest. It's a side-scrolling runner heavily inspired by Temple Run, which is the first game that got Ensomniac's Ryan Martin interested in mobile gaming in the first place. Check out the hands-on demo.

While runners are a bit of a tough sell on the App Store simply because it's a genre that's been done to death, Quest was actually really fun once the game ramped up in speed and complexity. Also, the enemy swiping mechanic feels like a nice addition to the formula. Quest, which may end up with a different name when all is said and done, is schedule for release later this year, so keep an eye out for it.

  • JCho133

    Woah Ryan, this looks great! It's cool to see your next project already! I'll keep an eye out for it 😉

    Also, to anyone that hasn't played Glint, go get it now. One of the best and one of the best looking fast paced puzzlers on the AppStore

  • Boris Nguetie

    ''GREAT VISUALS''?? why would you guys write that?? but wait..... did that dev really bother coming to GDC to showcase this?

    • Ryan Martin

      Hey Boris - I'm actually located in SF and thought that it would be worthwhile to show you guys what I'm working on next.

  • Siveon

    Well that was...something. If I was this guy, I wouldn't be showing off my (hopefully) alpha build at GDC, sheesh.

    I don't see any sort of depth coming to this runner, honestly. I mean wouldn't a really in-depth endless runner just be a Roguelike Platformer?

    • Ryan Martin

      Hey Siveon - I'm the guy who made the game and I thought I'd reach out and see if you'd be interested in trying out the alpha version of my game. Sometimes the experience of playing a game can be very different from watching someone else play. I'd love to send you a promo code and hear what you think after playing it.

      • OrionnoirO

        Agreed, and even from the video, I can see that (yes, it is a VERY nice looking game,) it could have a surprising amount of depth as it goes through development. One thing I should mention, I am NOT a fan of the swiping games (ie - Fruit Ninja), but it actually seems to fit this game in usage better and seems more inline with what I would enjoy. I wish you the best as I think it looks very promising!

  • grammatonfeather

    This is why I lose interest in endless runners very quickly. He states that the levels are procedurally generated so never the same twice. Ironically it's the game itself that's always the same every time you play. The character animation is off. His head is down and he looks like he's napping. The background scenery is pretty for a couple of seconds but there is no depth or appeal to this other than pretty background scenery. I think because he's never played games before and his first gaming experience was the better but still dull temple run, his game reflects that.

  • shieldser99

    Got bored watching this video, repetitive, also did anyone notice that when the character died and you are asked on the 'do you want to use a heart to continue' screen the character was still running and collecting coins, (3:37 mark)

    • OrionnoirO

      Give the guy a chance, its obviously still in development and things like that will likely be changed/fixed before a release.

  • Frost

    Its probably too early to say this, its probably pre alpha, but looks bland and generic.

  • elr0y7

    The swiping-while-running mechanic is interesting at least.

  • Ryan Martin

    Rather than reply individually to all of the comments, I thought I'd write a quick follow-up. My name is Ryan and I'm the guy who wrote the game in this post. As several of you accurately pointed out, it is currently in alpha and contains a few bugs. Additionally, all the pieces aren't put together yet and parts are a little rough around the edges.

    My intention behind showing it off on TA was to hear from you guys and get a conversation going about the game. I love hearing from the TA community because you guys provide valuable insight.

    This game was put on hold for about a year while I released my first game, Glint, last week. My intention was to revisit Quest once Glint was launched.

    Given the general vibe in the comments, I wanted to reach out and see if any of you would be interested in actually playing the game on your device to get a better sense of what it is. Oftentimes the act of playing a game can result in a significantly different experience than watching someone else play.

    That being said, the game is staged on iTunes and can be easily played via a promo code. E-mail me at if you're interested in getting a promo code.

    I would love to hear your thoughts and thank you all for your feedback.

  • ZarieoZ

    Man... You dude are amazing. I love how you respond to all the rudeness & the negativity that has been spreading like the plague on TA lately. I really respect how casual you are in replying to them. It shows that you care for the fact that you are doing something you love. Keep it up, & only listen to people that offer constructive criticism, not just spreading negativity.

    • Ryan Martin