Yesterday was a ton of fun, so, let's see if we can do better today before we move on to tomorrow's MEGA NEW ZEALAND GAME STREAM! Flappy Bird is in the news again, and I've still got it on my iPad... You know what that means. Anyway, if you haven't yet, please follow us as it's the best way to get notified when we're streaming.

To tune into the TA Plays Live stream you've got three options:

  • The easiest is to just scroll down to see the embedded video stream and chat below. Make sure to turn the volume slider up if you want to hear game audio and commentary.
  • Visit the TouchArcade channel on Twitch directly and watch over there.
  • Download the Twitch.TV app [Free] and either hit this link on your device or simply search for the channel TouchArcade.

I usually stream until 6:00 PM Central, so stick with us until then. Also, if you follow us and I notice it you'll get a very special thank you.

Update: Aaaand we're offline, that was a killer stream. I can't believe how well I did in Block Legend. We only played a few games because of that-

  • Block Fortress: War [$1.99]
  • Block Legend [$1.99]
  • Spermy's Journey: Race to the Egg! [Free]

Here's the video, YouTube will probably be processing it for a while:

  • Dammster

    I somehow loved the old format much more.

  • falco

    I like Twitch!

  • spsummer

    Thankfully if there ANYTHING that has the slightest thing to do with Flappy Bird, Eli will be there to report it.

  • ismyhc

    I thought the stream was pretty good. I really wanted him to try out my new game Pixel Crash but no luck! Maybe next time.