talesborderlandslogoOver the weekend at SXSW in Austin, Gearbox and Telltale Games sat down at a panel to dish out new details on their upcoming collaboration Tales from the Borderlands, a new episodic game which the two companies announced this past December. Tales from the Borderlands will take place after the story of Borderlands 2, but won't focus on any of that story's main characters (though familiar faces will still make appearances). Instead, the story revolves around two main protagonists, which were shown in that brief teaser from December: a con-artist named Fiona and a Hyperion employee named Rhys.

The way the game plays out for you, the player, actually sounds very interesting. You'll play through the plot of the game as retold by each character after the fact, and being the nefarious characters that they are, each one's version of the story doesn't quite match up with what really happened. After you've seen the story from both characters' perspectives, you'll have to determine which parts are the truth, what they were lying about, and ultimately find out what really happened in the wacky world of Pandora. You can actually watch the entire SXSW panel discussion in the lengthy video below, but Polygon has done a great job of summing up all the major information if you're more of a Cliffs Notes type person.

Unfortunately, no  gameplay was shown and there wasn't much discussion on the actual game mechanics. Given Telltale's most recent episodic adventures, Walking Dead: The Game and The Wolf Among Us, I'd imagine Tales from the Borderlands will function pretty similarly. Lead designer at Telltale Harrison Pink did confirm that there would be gunplay in the game, a hallmark of the series, but that it would be done "in a Telltale kind of way." There will also be a heavy emphasis on player choice as you make your way through the adventure, which Pink compared to how Walking Dead would force the player to make a choice between two pretty undesirable options. However, as this is a Borderlands game and its world of Pandora is filled with greedy people, your choices will actually be desirable, self-serving ones rather than the "lesser of two evils" approach of Walking Dead. I'd imagine you'll be choosing things that are the most beneficial to yourself, no matter who else it screws over in the process.

Be sure to check out the full video or source link below for more information on Tales form the Borderlands, and although no specific release dates were discussed the game is on target for some point in 2014 on all major consoles, PCs and mobile devices. When more specific details are released we'll be sure to let you know.


  • jammyman

    Dude I can't be stuffed watching 40 minutes of people talking.

    • http://rekzkarz.com/ REkzkaRZ

      Just jump to 12:20 and learn about Skags not having butts or anuses. Truly nerdy funny.

      • jammyman

        Ok thanks hah

  • ste86uk

    Can't wait for this played through both games and all DLC would be nice to have a good Borderlands game on iOS. I did play the previous borderlands release, although I enjoyed it for a bit it was never supported or update and got old quick.

    • Morgan01

      No offense, just because they announce a game based off of a well known series, doesn't mean it is automatically going to be good. We will have to wait and see what developers.

      • Suji

        but you know what telltale is capable of right? i liked walking dead and wolf among us, i think they wont disappoint

  • Morgan01

    Hard to get excited over a game we know so little about and the last IOS release was a real disappointment. I see no sense in trying to speculate what the game is going to be like

  • Eseres

    I so hope that Telltale won't screw up on this one 😛 I love both of the Borderlands games and I did also enjoy Borderlands Legends on iOS quite a bit. I for sure hope this Telltale game won't be just using the Borderlands name to throw a sorry excuse of a game out there.

    • Cookies

      It seems like that's about all Telltale does anymore. They haven't made a game that's actually good in years (somehow they've managed to ride their own coat tails...).

  • otakuzod

    I'm in that group that got burned by the first game. This time around, I'll be more skeptical.

  • fearlesskk

    Will this be on ios!

    • clompah

      You don't deserve the internet.

  • Cookies

    Meh, Telltale's games have been overrated for years. Borderlands' excellent sense of humour isn't going to be enough to hold up the kind of gameplay Telltale is actually capable of generating.

    I'll come back to borderlands when the Vita edition is released.

  • Raider_-z

    2k's version on the iOS is horrid love walking dead and the first game from telltale was amazing but since then they have lost there shine love the borderland series and would love to see it on iOS borderlands is about guns loot and amazing fps game play and there releases rarely show that if this game is anything like the rest I'm with them time for redemption but to be honest don't think telltale can pull this one of so guess I'm gonna wait on a review