spacenoirlogoN-Fusion Interactive, who have had a hand in bringing some great iOS titles like Deus Ex: The Fall and Air Mail to the App Store, are working on a new narrative-driven space combat game called Space Noir, the game's publisher Unity Games announced today. Space Noir will put you in the shoes of Hal Markham, who seemed to have a perfectly fine and enjoyable life prior to joining the Intergalactic Planetary Consortium. To his dismay, he found his new job required him to enforce draconian laws on the galaxy's colonies rather than working to protect them. So he quits the Consortium, only to return home to find his entire family dead and his fiancé now married to an evil politician. Sound rough. With his life now in shambles, Hal turns to mercenary work and black market jobs to make ends meet until he can sort out just who and what exactly was behind the downward spiral of his entire life.

N-Fusion notes inspiration from such space combat classics as Wing Commander and X-Wing, and Space Noir will include 5 different worlds and 35 missions to play through as Hal and his ship AI Rhonda get to the bottom of his own personal woes, an intergalactic conspiracy, and the fate of humanity's future. You know, no big deal. Hal's ship will also come with upgradeable weaponry and armor, unlockable special maneuvers, and cosmetic upgrades. It all sounds pretty darn cool, so be on the lookout for Space Noir sometime in the summer of this year.

  • Alexythimia23

    Damn! Now this is what we need more of this year, roll on summer lol on a side note though i would give my left nut for starwing to be ported to ios (or is it starfox?? Head gone blank)

    • JCho133

      Star Horizon is coming next week, and that's an on rails experience similar to star fox.

  • JCho133

    This is the space game I've been waiting for. I know no one is going to tackle a game like GoF for a while (except drifter), and there's been a few space dogfighters (also Out There, which has been more than time consuming), but they haven't had much depth. Glad to hear there's a good deal of upgrades.

    Now, roll on Drifter!

  • one.sixty.four

    This looks incredible!!!

  • robotrigger

    This looks amazing! I guess that rails space shooter next week will ride me over for this, but two thumbs up!

  • falco

    So many space combat games this year...

  • Boris Nguetie

    deus ex episode 2 would've been nice too....

  • curtisrshideler

    Man, going by the title, I was hoping this was a space mystery rpg game... like Max Payne meets KOTOR with some flying. Oh well. I'll probably just stick with KOTOR.

  • ImJPaul

    This looks good as balls!!!!!

  • bigjack66

    Wouldn't say no to another space combat game. Looks very nice. Nothing is ever likely come close to gof2 maybe one day.

  • apolloa

    Unity engine flexing it's muscles again I see 🙂 looks like a good game, a fair few space shooters have come out or been announced recently now.

  • repapermunky


  • MistaBoz

    Looks like the ship control is closer to GOF's than ARC Squadron... Been playing a lot of both GOF's and am looking forward to this and Star Horizon.