rbibaseball14logoBack in January, Major League Baseball announced the rebirth of RBI Baseball, a classic video game baseball series that hasn't seen a new entry in nearly two decades. Strangely, there were literally no details other than it was being developed by MLB Advanced Media, an in-house studio that creates entertainment products for MLB, and that it would be coming to "current and next generation consoles and mobile devices." Well, there still aren't any details on RBI Baseball 14, but apparently it's being launched on April 10th according to a tweet from ESPN Sports Business Reporter Darren Rovell which was spotted by Joystiq.

The tweet details that RBI Baseball 14 will launch on April 10th for Xbox 360, PS3, iOS and Android, but does not state when the Xbox One or PS4 versions will be available. Again, we know nothing about what this upcoming game will be like, but you could look to some of MLB's previous mobile efforts for perhaps a hint as to what's in store. Game like MLB.com Home Run Derby [Free], MLB.com Franchise MVP [Free], and MLB Ballpark Empire [Free]. I've played all of them, and each game does some really interesting things in terms of either playing or simulating various aspects of the world of MLB, but all are hampered by an aggressive free to play implementation.

I'm sincerely hoping that won't be the case with RBI Baseball 14, but I guess we'll just have to wait and see if MLBAM releases any actual info about the game, or wait to see what it's like when it reportedly launches on April 10th.


  • khann

    One thing that bugs me is when people keep calling them next gen consoles. They have been out for almost half a year. It is no long next gen, but iOS is missing a good mlb game.

    • Tr3v5k1

      It will be next gen until people who own ps4 and xbox one outnumber previous systems and/or when all developers catch up to this plarform. So give or take another year.

  • timmfox

    I'm totally excited for this game. I wonder if this is the reason for no Baseball Superstars 14. I'm hoping RBI 14 will be more like Baseball Superstars. There no need to try and replicate The Show.

  • Maglor

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    • thatguy

      this guy

    • theundertow

      I was going to comment that the lack of screenshots and details spell doom and then you go and hypnotize me into prebuying.

  • Donny K76

    I hope this is EXACTLY like RBI baseball from 1986 except with updated visuals, sounds, all 30 teams, and options of playing a full season with playoffs and World Series to follow.

    • curtisrshideler

      Yes. This. And make it as premium as they want. I don't want IAP in an RBI Baseball game.

      • islesfan

        Really? I think it would be awesome if you got to play one inning, then have to wait an hour for your players to recharge. Of course you could pay a buck or like them on Facebook and watch some videos...

  • EvilAbdy

    Sweet. This might be a good alternative to Konami's dream 9.

  • Adam Conley

    Since when is the WiiU not a "current gen console?" Haters gonna hate...