The strategy game that just keeps on giving, Ndemic's Plague Inc. [$0.99], is giving yet again with a brand new update that's scheduled to hit sometime next month. To back things up a bit, Plague Inc. is a game that tasks you with unleashing a plague on the world, with the ultimate goal of eradicating all of humanity. The various plague types all behave differently, and you'll need to counteract humanity's efforts to squash your plague from spreading. It's a highly strategic and challenging game, and while it was great when it initially launched on the App Store in May of 2012 it's only gotten better over time thanks to numerous content updates, most recently the addition of "Scenarios" back in November of last year.

I've consistently stated that Plague Inc. is one of the best dollars you can spend on the App Store, but the way they've handled additional DLC content is also quite cool. You can unlock the extra content for free simply by beating the game at its highest difficulties, or you can take the weenie way out and just buy it through IAP (FYI I took the weenie way out).

This latest update, dubbed the "Mega Mutation" update, adds a new difficulty level, Mega Brutal difficulty. Apparently people had been requesting a more challenging option. Seriously, who are these people? I want to meet you. More importantly I want to make sure you never get within close proximity of any life-threatening diseases. I have enough difficulty with Plauge Inc. at its normal setting, but if you crave an even greater challenge, then Mega Brutal should be your cup of tea as it will include things like "random medical checks, genetic drift and research tech improvements."

There will also be 4 new Scenarios to tackle in this update, as well as 3 new Cheat modes. And, as part of another big request from fans, you'll now be able to use the Cheats with any plague type, and even mix and match different Cheats for different experiences. The new Cheats will be unlocked by beating the game on Mega Brutal difficulty, or if you're like me and just sprung for the IAP to unlock them, they'll be available for free.

mega new cheats Mega brutal difficulty

Though no specific date has been announced, the Plague Inc. Mega Mutation update should be available on iOS at some point in April, and shortly thereafter for the Android version. Also, don't forge that Plague Inc. is now available on Steam with a bunch of cool new features, so if you're into gaming on your computer be sure to check that out. We'll be sure to let you know once the Mega Mutation update is available sometime next month.

  • NinjaKitteh

    Excellent! Can't wait for mega brutal difficulty.

  • Mullet Guy

    This game really is the gift that keeps on giving. Numerous free updates and it never asks for more money. Plague Inc is a model of how iOS games should be.

    • nini

      Kinda makes the $1 seem almost too little to pay.

      • Bool Zero

        Well I bought it again on Steam for $15 (I think) so they are getting there money from me. Besides I think this is one of those rare games that stays on the charts because of good word of mouth, so while they could charge more, I think they may be doing okay on the AppStore.

  • B1GW1G

    We pay for the IAP and get it free? Cool.

  • CandyCaneNJ

    "weenie way out"? More like adults who have kids, work etc and simply don't have time 🙂

  • Kane

    Make a radiation plague, name it Godzilla

    • Ndemic Creations

      On the ideas list (although minus the copyright infringement 😛 )

      • Kane

        and Pandemic 2.5 wasn't copied was it? just inspired 🙂 only joking ;P

  • Scrin

    No new plagues?

  • Kevin McCarty

    I use a hack that unlocked all the genes, plagues, scenarios and gave me unlimited DNA. Here it is: g4mehacks .com/plague-inc-hack/