It's Wednesday, and my iPad is loaded up with all the New Zealand games releases and I'm ready to stream 'em on Twitch. If you're curious about any of the games coming out tonight, be sure to tune in.

Anyway, if you haven't yet, please follow us as it's the best way to get notified when we're streaming.

To tune into the TA Plays Live stream you've got three options:

  • The easiest is to just scroll down to see the embedded video stream and chat below. Make sure to turn the volume slider up if you want to hear game audio and commentary.
  • Visit the TouchArcade channel on Twitch directly and watch over there.
  • Download the Twitch.TV app [Free] and either hit this link on your device or simply search for the channel TouchArcade.

Games Being Streamed - In Order:

Update: Sorry guys, Comcast really is the best. I'll resume the stream tomorrow, and try to start a bit earlier than I usually do to make up for it. We made it to Devious Dungeon, so starting with Faif tomorrow at 5:00 PM Eastern, or potentially way earlier. I'm currently uploading what we did stream today, but it's currently sitting at 3,831 minutes remaining to upload. What a Comcastic day!

  • JCho133

    The stream isn't showing up for me

    • JCho133

      In the twitch app

  • CzechCongo

    Anyone else having problems today? My twitch app shows following - 0 broadcasting, and it's 10 after.

  • bashnasha

    Same here

  • Geertyy

    Doesnt work for me on ipad as well as pc

  • Zeillusion

    Just downloaded twitch. It's not showing up for me, I can't even search for TouchArcade. No results found, even when I click the link given.

    I also tried using the internet link instead of the twitch app link and it still wouldn't work.


    • CooleTeeps

      I had the same problem. TouchArcade only shows up on the search if they are streaming. However, if you search on the computer website they will show up in the search even if they aren't streaming.

  • johnpc121

    I can't seem to find the stream either, is twitch having trouble maybe?

  • Rooie1154

    The stream ran for a while and then kept breaking up and then disappeared completely. I joined late but apparently there were problems at the start, too.

    Dang it.

  • JJE McManus

    Eli has said on Twitter that his cable connection went sour. We will know more tomorrow.

  • WillCN

    What games were played?

  • WillCN

    Just an idea for TA, I feel that if you did a TA Plays on the weekends you'd have more people watching

    • TrexlerRanger

      While this is likely true, the main purpose for streaming today is to show the games that come out at midnight before they're available.

  • Rooie1154

    And I'd been looking forward to the stream all day. Yes, I live a very exciting life.

  • Rooie1154

    @willcn - Eli plays the games in the order shown and he had just started Devious
    Dungeon when the stream crashed.

    • LarryWP

      He started at 3:00 pm central time and a little over one hour later he was off the air here. I never got him again.

  • falco

    Could someone donate Eli good quality streaming equipments ?

  • CzechCongo

    "Comcast really is the best"

    I don't think I've ever heard anyone say that before.