Following Real Racing 3's [Free] first anniversary last week where they were giving out a free in-game Porsche, EA and Firemonkeys have just released a pretty huge new update to the game adding a bunch of customization options, photo sharing, controller support and new luxury vehicles from Aston Martin. The new customization options allow you to tweak the more than 80 cars in the game, then once you have your personalized ride ready you can use the new Photo mode to pause the in-game action and snap a shot. You can even add filters to your photo and share them on social media. It's like Instagram for your Real Racing 3.

Also in this update are three new vehicles from Aston Martin – the DB9, the Vanquish, and the V12 Vantage S. There's also a new All Star Vendetta Series to compete in, and new Gold Achievements that reward you with gold for completing them. Finally, there's now support for iOS 7 controllers in Real Racing 3, so you can get your race on with the help of physical controls. If you're a Real Racing 3 fan be sure to check out the new update, and if you haven't played the game yet in the year it's been out, it's free so you might as well give it a shot.

  • Ramaz1234

    Lok I delted it again

  • JJE McManus

    I'll never delete it because Firemonkeys did such a wonderful job with the cars, the tracks and the best iOS driving mechanics to date. So every upgrade I dutifully launch it, see what's new (nice Porsche btw), take a couple of cars out and then just as dutifully, put it away.
    Because EA broke a whole lot more than the soul of one little game. With RR3 EA made it abundantly clear what they think of you, their customers. Their contempt extends even to this years Dungeon Hunter. It will take a total sea change for them to change now. I for one will not encourage them.

    • GSport

      This is the most well written comment that perfectly speaks the truth. EA managed to take FireMonkey's masterpiece and injected it with their poisonous venom. An amazing achievement of console quality racing that can be played on a device that fits in my pocket ruined by IAP by the greedy money hungry giant.

  • Cheeseball

    Does anyone know if they "fixed" the timer bypass of forwarding the time on your iOS device with this update? I don't want to update if they did.

    • Cheeseball

      What fucking idiot flagged Karl Schmidt's reply to me? It's great news that we can still workaround the timer just by changing the device time in Airplane mode.

  • koryc

    Really wish game was premium like the last 2 games

  • MachineJXD

    I have this game since relase date and never deleted from my device i am saying the truth, and maybe they will add everyplay in the next update to share recorded videos.

  • doublezz

    The car customize is pretty weak. I want to add 2 little wings to my Porsche but it won't allow me to. 1 start.

    Ah I am kidding. It is a great game, but I was expecting too much on this appearance customization release. It only allows me to change color, put some icons the car, change rim style and adjust the height of the wheels.

  • GaZ-OiD

    This game must have made a fortune by now but not had a penny from me.... Make the game premium and watch the sales rocket through the roof with players like me who are ready with hard cash to play this game properly. I won't support this type of money grabbing exercise regardless of how good a game is


    • darkich

      You are way out of perception, man.
      Get this..within first WEEKS of its release, RR3 earned more than the first two games COMBINED.
      Till date, this game probably earned tens of millions of dollars, on the sub-5 million budget.
      It is a major, major success in terms of profit.
      And that is all because it managed almost HUNDRED MILLION DOWNLOADS, which is by far and beyond the most for any racing game in history.. because it is free to play.

      I have over 100 hours of gameplay, 48 cars, many of them upgraded..and haven't spent a cent.

      That being said..I can tell you I would happily pay for the IAP, only if the prices were anywhere near reasonable.
      And I am more than sure I speak for tens of millions of people when I say that.
      How's 1000 gold for 10 bucks sound, EA? ?
      How about 100 gold for 1 dollar? ?

      I say it sounds like a fortune for you bunch of shortsighted shameless braindead excuses for a company never even dreamed of coming your way from a mobile game! point is -freemium is brilliant, only if implemented right.
      It really is that simple

      • Rip73

        Excellent comment.
        Plus some very accurate numbers there.

        You're idea on the adjustments that need to be made to iap price points (and the prices you mention) would be exactly what I'd like to see rather than a content update even.
        It'd inspire me to spend more and see some form of value in it despite having spent too much on it already and realising it had little value.

        But at those prices, there might be less iap hackers in it, which looking at their Facebook page and some photos people post along with the number of dedicated web pages for hacks, surely they can see it would actually be a better pricing policy.

        And I know its only 0.15% of players that are generating 50% of the revenue from in app purchases in games (genuinely true statistic), perhaps at a reasonable price that stat might be better.

      • darkich

        Yeah, thanks.
        I completely agree with you.

        Eh, at least we can always dream.
        A pretty crazy dream would be about EA coming to their senses, realizing the unprecedented potential of mobile gaming and releasing an all-out RR 4, (RR Ultimate even) with proper budget and proper IAP pricing, resulting in a true AAA racing game played by record numbers of satisfied and grateful players on one side, and a rich and motivated developer on the other.

        The crazy part being only the first sentence, of course. .every other part is entirely possible.

  • err404

    This game has so much going for it. I would drop $40 for premium version today if it were offered. But I won't spend a dime on virtual currency. This latest version seems to be much worse with vinal packs being sold per car.
    I understand the reality of freemium games, but I wish developers would just include high cost IAP content packs that takes out the freemium aspect of the game and rebalance the game for traditional play.
    I don't want the grind removed. I just want it balanced for fun, not frustration.
    I don't see why a game can't be both freemium (pay for currency) and premium (pay for content).

  • h_A_Z

    Do ppl still play this game?!

    • Rip73

      See Darkich's comment below.
      The numbers playing it (still) are massive.

  • apolloa

    I would actually pay 10 to 15 pounds for this game fully unlocked with no IAPs. I did try a hack on my Nexus 7 for unlimited money and gold, but it totally resets the game and you have to start from scratch with all the tracks and cars locked, maybe that's why they locked them in the first place? Anyway I deleted the game as I felt the AI was far too fast and vicious and the game is set to make you spend money, plus I had already bought a car pack and felt I was cheating myself as you lost all those with thew hack too.
    Hmm well whilst I did buy and am playing Real Racing 2 I will give RR3 another go, see if I can get my bought car pack back again?

    Agghh it annoys the hell out of me how EA have utterly ruined a great game series.

  • bigjack66

    Yeh it was good until the stupid power ratios locked all the new stuff. You can still enjoy it tho and it is still a masterpiece of a game despite EAs attempt to ruin it.

  • apolloa

    So I have reinstalled RR3 onto my Nexus 7, I reinstalled the car pack I bought and also installed my cloud save which thankfully, did NOT include any of my hacked cars or progress or unlimited gold and money. I now just have all the progress I have made myself legitimately which is great. But upon opening it I get an ad for 50% off a Porsche which is locked, and an ad for all the new features including my fave Aston Martin brand, I have 141 gold and the stunning Vanquish is 110 AND ITS ******G LOCKED!!!!! What's the point? Why bother with the game when its such an endless grime no matter what gold or cash you have, and their are no more car packs available so it seems.

    So you have to endlessly grind away just to unlock cars you have genuinely got the gold or cash to buy already.

  • Reckall

    Personally I like RR3 the way it is: I never spent a dime, I try to beat my own records, and, lo-and-behold!, every then and now something unlocks. Nice: new toys to play with! I fire it up a couple of times a day and I'm pretty happy with it.

    I however agree that a premium price for everything unlocked (and a reasonable grind) would be the way to go. Ah, well, plently of great games on iOS (Cough, XCom, /cough) even without pining for this one.

  • Johnnyfragangstistan

    Have completed 99% and only miss the veneno. Have used 300hrs and about 450$ and need to buy more gold for another 100$...
    Very expencive but much fun!!!
    If you are rich, dont miss...

  • Rick Yazzolino

    Help! I lost 1,345,000dollars, 14cars, and a 64 level after having my battery changed in my iPhone . How do I contact RR3 or anyone that can help

  • RD

    I have an Android tablet. After the last update when I race the screen only fills part of the page. You can see the Pause button (top left) Rear view mirror (top middle) in the black area. but the race takes place lower left.. Please any help would be appreciated.