We crossed the 1,000 follower mark last Thursday, with our own Killercow of all people being the dude to be the 1,000th. That's pretty awesome, considering not more than a few weeks ago I wasn't really sure if people were interested in iOS streams when we started all this. Anyway, if you haven't yet, please follow us as it's the best way to get notified when we're streaming.

To tune into the TA Plays Live stream you've got three options:

  • The easiest is to just scroll down to see the embedded video stream and chat below. Make sure to turn the volume slider up if you want to hear game audio and commentary.
  • Visit the TouchArcade channel on Twitch directly and watch over there.
  • Download the Twitch.TV app [Free] and either hit this link on your device or simply search for the channel TouchArcade.

I usually stream until around 7:00 Eastern, at which point I toss the videos up on YouTube for everyone to see that missed the stream. If you want me to play something, just join the chat and tell me what you'd like to see. Try not to be too pushy though, as it kills the vibe of things when people get really demanding.

Check out the stream below, or if you're viewing the site in our app or mobile, please download the Twitch client and mash the link mentioned above.

Update: Thanks everyone, here's the games we played and the video which should be up shortly-

  • midgettosschamp

    Keep it going, Eli. I like the opportunity to interact with TA in real-time and ask you questions as you're playing. You do well with answering them as you're going, so I kinda gives the feeling that we have more interactivity with you and your content. The one piece of feedback I have is that it is insanely difficult to track your channel down when not live streaming. Not a TA-specific complaint, but more of a platform restraint.

  • CzechCongo

    killercow?! What took you so long? 😉

    • Killercow

      I was waiting for the right time 😉