BhiTr7GCUAAppb1It just goes to show how quickly things happen in the App Store, as it feels like Real Racing 3 [Free] was released ages ago, but it's only been a year. Time flies on the App Store. We loved it in our review, and followed the review up with a guide on how to play it without spending money.

Well, if you're still playing Real Racing 3, or just still have it on your phone and haven't played in forever it might be worth firing it up to grab the free 1972 Porsche 911 Carrera RS 2.7. The developers tweeted about it last night, and grabbing the car is as easy as following the banners for it in game.

If you've yet to try Real Racing 3, I say give it a shot. It's a pretty awesome racer, and while it'd be nice if you didn't initially have to tip toe around free to play elements, you can still have a lot of fun in it spending zero dollars.

  • felipe

    Why a gift car when gold would be a lot better!? I really dont understand this game, i'm current stucked at 82% of the game. The current currency is insane - 185 gold for a engine update (nuts!). I bought this porsche 6 month later. The last updates are very bad - as the PR requirements and the locked tiers. Hope a better and more wise game for RR4.

    • Eli Hodapp

      Probably because they want you to buy gold. 😉

      • felipe

        Cmon Eli, you know.. $50 for Gold 400 is not a real option. I will not pay an PS4 game price for an in-app purchase.

      • batvette

        someone said it would take $500 to get through the whole game... I think that's low unless you're very skilled.

      • falco

        I'm sorry, this game has nice graphics and It is really good, I enjoy playing but for a very short time until I have to wait for service and get a new car. For me this game is shit in a way because of timer and IAP it too bad. I would have gladly pay a $15 just for no timer.

      • anarchy in the app store

        Well, that's what IAP crackers are for

      • videba

        There are enough save files out there with basically all the money you could spend, just replace save files with Iexplorer

      • felipe

        No cheats!

      • Cheeseball

        Well, just cheat the timers and don't touch the currency if you want to play it fair. That's what I do.

      • Cheeseball

        Why the hell is your comment moderated too? Is there some reporting
        fucking moron who's sucking EA's cock that doesn't like it when we
        bypass their money-making restriction?

        EDIT: Error when I try to reply to Fabian Reyes: "You cannot reply to a post that is not active."

        Anyways, to answer your
        question Fabian, all you need to do is (1) place your iOS device in
        airplane mode (or disconnect it from internet connectivity), (2) reverse
        the time on your device past the current waiting time, (3) run the game
        and check if the timers are cleared out, then (4) revert the time back
        and enable internet connectivity. I just tested it with the new version
        with no worries.

        The same method works with both versions of CSR Racing as well.

    • marcanthony0313

      They already said they're basically gonna milk RR3 for a while because of its success. RR4 won't be here for a long time.

    • jcwacky

      Did you get to 82% without buying any in-app purchases? I'm currently on 46% and starting to struggle.

      Don't get me wrong, I'm happy to pay for a good game, just not for endless in-app purchases.

      I'd be happy to pay a one-off $60 to purchase the "full" Real Racing 3, but sadly they just want to rip us off.

  • nimu

    This game could have been the proving grounds for iOS gaming, but no, EA loves free to play -.-

    • thiagovscoelho

      and they say Asphalt is awesome, and Asphalt is by Gameloft, so when you're worse than Gameloft you're really bad at pricings

  • joosby_calamari

    Yeah an important factor that does get glossed over here is that the game as it stands today is not the game it was at launch economy wise. Last few months if not longer, the updates have altered the pricing and freemium approach quite significantly in a negative manner from when it was initially reviewed. Just not the same game in many respects. It's become a largely unaffordable game now, especially if you are 1/3 into the game. Back when I was loving it, I had decided I would spend 10$ or so every week or two as long as the enjoyment continued but it got to a point where that was not even enuf to make a miniscule dent into future progression.

    • batvette

      seems they get you hooked about 1/3 in and you hit some walls you won't get past without putting serious cash in it. I'm getting frustrated by those Porsche 918's running rings around my Mclaren, what's $845k in real dollars?

  • falco

    Its a real joke a crappy car with 3.3 IP.

    • batvette

      Worse the upgrades are real steep.... the upside is you start the series against really slow 911 targa base models you can destroy in the first couple of tiers.

  • bigjack66

    If you played it from the start you should have a decent garage of cars like I have. It's still a good game although the recent PR requirements have become annoying. On the positive side the prize money went up and the crew are free now and again and I still haven't payed a penny in game yet and I still play it. It's like DH4 if you don't mind a bit of grinding you can get to the end.

    • falco

      Of course Its just their free Porsche worth nothing because why don't you just give me a Lamborghini Veneno something worth like that ?

  • Firetruck94

    Hell yeah, I want a free Porsche.

  • sokae

    Gezzz, this game looks like crap on my HP slate 7 extreme with Nvidia Tegra 4 while on my iPhone 5, its looks gorgeous.

  • Taeles

    Wish it said "Real Racing 3 celebrates first anniversary with balanced iap system"


  • speck9900

    I'm not bashing but...I have not touched this game since the second day it came out...the iap in it is ridiculous

  • camo

    Used to be a good game now it just takes the piss

  • apolloa

    I dropped this game due to the stupid locking of all the cars! I went back to Real Racing 2 and haven't looked back! One purchase price with no timers and IAP's. And it wasn't ruined by EA's corporate greed!