Skateboarding legend Tony Hawk revealed last night on Larry King Live of all places, that he's working on a new skateboarding game for mobile devices. Details currently are remarkably vague and limited to this 62 seconds worth of conversation:

It's coming this year, and uses swipe controls. It remains to be seen if it'll have the Tony Hawk Pro Skater branding, or if it's going to be something different entirely. Either way, Tony Hawk has a hell of a track record for making video games, so I feel like it's safe to get excited for this one.

  • koryc

    Awesome!i remember how much fun I had with tony hawks pro skater series back in the ps2 days

  • kjmathew


  • ODMay

    When he mentioned the swipe control, the first two things that came to my head was Temple Run and Subway Surfers.

  • JJE McManus

    I'm reminded of the phrase "a day late and a dollar short"
    iOS already has two stellar skateboarding games punching it out in the AppStore. Yes, Tony was once "all that plus a bag of chips" but that day has long past.
    We've see in the past year there there is a loose cabal of so called developers who make a fair living off of glomming some B-list celebrity's name and grafting it onto a generic "action packed" IAP scheme.
    It just makes me appreciate more the ethical and moral clarity found in movie tie-in games.

    • Eli Hodapp

      I can't think of a bad game Tony Hawk has attached his name to. Hell, even the Game Boy games, against all odds, were a ton of fun.

      • Grummie

        Try tony hawk underground, American wasteland, remake of the original, downhill jam and anything else after thps 4. He hasn't had a decent game that manage to capture the excitement of those originals in a very long time

      • Earth Vs. Me

        The last two Tony Hawk games, Ride and Shred, were panned by critics for having awful gameplay and controls. I have fond memories of spending afterrnons with Tony Hawk 2 for Dreamcast, but that was a lifetime ago.

        But I'm sure someone out there in 2002 is "stoked" for a new Tony Hawk game, and is sure it will be the "bomb diggity", etc.

      • CzechCongo

        When I first read your comment, I was like, "what's the dealio?", but then I was like, "radical, man."

      • stealth20k

        Actually the last 3 Tony Hawks were all reviewed in the 5-6/10 region.

      • dexterdavis

        And that's bad, son.

      • arr4ws

        Tony hawk ride and shred were awful

      • Themostunclean

        Yeah, that godawful peripheral skateboard was universally hated and made fun of for years.

  • marcanthony0313

    Well as much am I pray for it to be a great game with story, an open map, sponsors, and all that great stuff, more likely than not it will be a free to play, or something like we already have in TG2 and TS, but probably with actual skateboard licenses.

  • ImJPaul

    Maybe if this game gets popular they'll actually update THPS2 with retina and widescreen. Been waiting for them to do that forever....or something like that.

  • MaqueGenio

    Larry King and Tony Hawk discussing mobile games. Now thats something.

  • AJShadowz

    I always loved Tony Hawk games, And having one on my ipad would be amazing however when he said swipe controls it put bad thoughts in my head. Tricks will be limited... Cuz how many ways could u really swipe? I hope it doesn't end up being an casual free to play, pay to win "endless skater" game... For now I'll keep my hopes upward tho.

  • Kane

    I heard this somewhere before, could have been a rumor site.