There's a new entry in Square Enix's beloved Secret of Mana [$7.99] series coming out in Japan this week, and it will be a free to play mobile game. It's called Rise of Mana, and appears to be a fully 3D action RPG similar to the recent Final Fantasy III and IV remakes. In fact, visually Rise of Mana looks really awesome. Check out the non-English trailer for it.

Unfortunately, there's no word on if Rise of Mana will release outside of Japan. Circle of Mana, a card-based RPG  and the most recent game in the Mana series, launched in Japan last year but never made it to the US, so it's uncertain if Rise of Mana ever will either. We'll of course keep our eye on the situation and if Rise of Mana looks like it will be getting a Western release we'll let you know.

Update: As pointed out to me on Twitter by @FuurinRei, Rise of Mana is Trademarked in Europe, so an English translation may be in the cards after all. Neat!


  • FuurinRei

    This game is trademarked in Europe. Trademark No 011889698

    • Jared Nelson

      Thanks! Added an update.

  • CrispyCreamed

    Looks surprisingly excellent! Square Enix must have been listening to its fans. I'm down to totally playing this.

  • Nakor

    This looks pretty good, which surprised me. A lot. Might get this is it gets localized.

  • Matt F

    It will release outside of US and dont get high hopes on this one: it will be free to play

    • FuurinRei

      yes we know 😛 but i have faith

  • Inaba-kun

    Free to Play? Count me out then. Free to Play is the polar opposite of good game design.

    • MrAlbum

      It's hard to say if this game will suck because of its monetization.

      When free to play turns a game into a slot machine Skinner box, then yes, that's obviously bad design. Then again, when free to play turns a game into a self-perpetuating beast that allows developers to keep a game fresh, new and exciting for fans without sequelizing it to death, then that's good game design.

      When free to play turns a game into a repetitive grind of the same actions over and over again (which can be bypassed with money), then that's obviously bad design. When free to play does not limit gameplay or progression with optional boosts and/or cosmetics that are nice but not necessary, then that's good game design.

      When free to play no longer makes a game fun because of its monetization methods, then that's bad design. When free to play makes a game far more entertaining than it would have been otherwise, then that's good game design.

      For every Punch Quest, there's Puzzle and Dragons. For every Bug Heroes 2, there's Clash of Clans.

      It's not that premium games have any better quality assurance *coughFinalFantasyAllTheBravestcough*

      There are bad games for games with premium, freemium, paidmium, AND free to play monetization methods. It's easy to get blinded by the most recent stinkers, because the stinkers of the past become less visible as a result. No platform, year or 'era' is immune to bad games of any monetization method.

      Glasses made of hatred are just as blinding as glasses made of nostalgia. Heck, if these various glasses don't allow you to see clearly... why even wear them? Just a thought.

  • Billy Ocean

    The first sentence of this post ripped my heart out and pooped in it.

  • Ninja_Blade_Diego

    Looks awesome!!! I really hope this makes it to the U.S. soon!

  • rpgmind

    Hot buttery damnation it looks wonderful!

  • Blankstar

    Where is the "follow" button? I need notifications when there is more news on this one FFS! 🙂

  • chinito77

    Same universe as Secret of Mana or Legend of Mana? Not a fan of card based games since that's the rage in Japanese mobile games but I hope SquEnix doesn't make buying cards an IAP experience.

    • D4rgolf

      I think you might be messing up Rise of Mana (this one) with Circle of Mana (also mentioned in the article).

  • Siveon

    I suppose this was the logical progression when they ported Secret of Mana to the iOS.

    Feels bittersweet though, especially since the recent Mana games have been a bit crappy and with this being free-to-play, I have my doubts.

  • D4rgolf

    Reminds me of FF:Crystal Bearers minus the platforming.

  • MrAlbum

    After looking over the trailer, this looks like a half-decent game by console standards and a phenomenal game on iOS, in terms of visuals. Gameplay looks pretty decent as well, although I would assume that, if devs put controller support in, the game would play much better considering it's a fast-paced action RPG.

    Secret of Mana is the kind of game that Zenonia, Inotia and more channeled back in the day, and that spawned a thriving genre for a while. Wonder what those devs from back then are up to now? With the return of the series that inspired their ilk to iOS, one wonders if we'll see a similar resurgence in the genre, once this comes out.

    Good or bad, this game is likely to make a splash on the App Store. It remains to be seen if it is as good as its graphics hype it to be. My fingers are crossed.

  • synthfetish

    Please don't suck please don't suck please don't suck

  • albinosalad

    What?! They didn't trademark just the word "Mana"?

  • dbagga84

    Holy crap, please let this come to the states

  • pkmaximum

    Once I saw "Free to play," all hopes of this game being any good went straight down the drain.

  • curtisrshideler

    I'd rather just have an ios 7, iphone 5 update to Chrono Trigger... And an update to the Chaos Rings games. You know, all those games I've PAID for! And maybe a release of that Dragon Quest VIII first. Then maybe I'll take a look at this.

  • AG Awesome

    I just want the directors cut of the original to get made and released on the PSN so I can play it on the Vita and ps3. The ideas they had to cut would have made it even better than the best game ever made (which it already is)

  • polysics

    I want this in my life.