887936_largerThis week's podcasts starts with a nice long discussion on emulation, spurred by the recent release of GBA4iOS. From there, we of course talk about the hottest games of the week, including a typical chat on free to play mechanics due to Bug Heroes 2 launching free to play and immediately switching back to paid. All the relevant news is in there too, and we take a break to talk about the Mikey games getting ported to Android.

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  • Renegade

    I feel like Bug Heroes 2's problems really come from the lack of a gem doubler. People don't like to buy 'consumables'.

  • Onikage725

    If I understand correctly, I think the Pokemon events thing will unlock the in-game events for the games. You know those wifi events and pokemon we get by walking into a gamestop or just going on the wifi server periodically? GBA era had them too, but only given out via link cable at official events or in New York at the pokemon store. The impression it is that the in-app event distributions will be for special pokemon and for those items most of is never got- like the Mystic Ticket that let you travel to Navel Rock to fight Ho-Oh and Lugia, or the Old Sea Chart that let you go to World's Edge Island and capture Mew.

  • Onikage725

    Oh hey, I made mention in the podcast!

    I do feel I should clarify myself, and in the forums I took responsibility for my initial comment coming off like some ignorant kid who was bashing pixels for their own sake. tl;dr to follow.

    I'm 31, and on GBA launch day I went all over my county. I nearly settled on a pink one, before trying a Hail Mary by going to a nearby Kmart. I left with a beautiful purple GBA, which I still own (even though she has sadly passed away) and Castlevania: Circle of the Moon. I've owned multiple versions of every Nintendo handheld since e original (also dead, displayed respectfully on my shelf).

    The comparison to the Metal Slug ports is apples and oranges. I'd actually agree with you. But, those are also experiences we are used to on larger monitors, so we wouldn't/shouldn't expect some anti-pixelation effect to "fix" anything. By the same token, I'd imagine filters would make Mega Man Zero look pretty bad, and the Metroid games. Faster games in general. Gunstar Super Heroes and Advance Guardian Heroes actually look too blurry for my tastes with smoothing on.

    However, I rarely play action games with ios emulators.

    My personal list of what I'm going to work through first- finally finish Golden Sun (my cart died halfway through, took me years to recover psychologically), the sequel naturally, Super Robot Wars J, finish my replay of Super Robot Wars OG 2, Final Fantasy VI, and Tactics Ogre: the Knight of Lodis after I finish it's predecessor on my Vita. Oh, and I do have the translation for Fire Emblem 6.

    To me, as a glasses-wearing individual, if I'm playing a game were smooth frame rates and in-depth animations are taking a backseat to novel-length walls of text, smoothing is a godsend. Think of it less like Metal Slug or Blazing Star, and more like using RetinaPad or iOS7's effect on Chrono Trigger, which I think everyone agrees looks like a mess in 2x mode (especially compared to the SNES rom, but even compared to the DS rom blown out on larger devices).

  • http://www.the-app-shack.com Matt F