Games going free are a dime a dozen on the App Store, but rarely does it seem like the games that actually go free fall inside of the narrow focus of hardcore strategy gamers. Well, today is the rare exception to that as the real time strategy game Autumn Dynasty [$1.99] has dropped in price from its normal price of $6.99 down to free to celebrate next week's release of the sequel, Autumn Dynasty: Warlords.

We gave it 4.5 stars in our review when it first launched, and it seems that it has gone universal since then, allowing iPhone and iPod touch owners to get in on the game.

From our review:

Regardless, Autumn Dynasty is an excellent RTS experience and should not be missed. This is one of the few iOS titles that really does not skimp on any of the features that make RTS games exciting. When you add in the beautiful visuals and multiplayer, it’s a no brainer that anyone with even a remote interest in strategy games needs to pick up.

So get to it!

Update: Additionally, it's worth mentioning that this is actually a re-release of the game by the original developers. If you bought it previously under the Bulkypix flag that it was originally published under, it's a good idea to download this again to just get it on your account in the event that there's updates or anything like that in the future.

  • thiagovscoelho

    Also pick up Naught 1 and 2 as freebies today

    • CzechCongo

      Thanks, didn't even know Naught 2 existed.

  • leehomf

    Holy shit autumn dynasty was like the best strategic game!

    • Jeffrey Jiang

      You would need to play the first two campaign missions before online mode is unlock.

  • Pete Martell

    Would never have bought this so thanks. Played tutorial but not sure, want to play online but it won't let me? If anyone knows why??

    • ZarieoZ

      Jeffry Jiang says in the reply above that "you would need to play the first two campaign missions before the online mode is unlocked"

      • Pete Martell

        Thank you 🙂

  • dancj


    They'd have had my money by now if they'd dropped it to the standard $1/69p pricing tier rather than the unfair $1/£1/€1 tier.

    • ADTD

      Have you got the game? 🙂

      • dancj

        I have now!

  • Pete Osborne

    Also worth mentioning that Palm Kingdoms 2 Deluxe for iPhone is free down from $5.99 as it's similarly hardcore strategy and also very good

    • thematrixx $$$$ fremium fees! No thanks

      • Pete Osborne

        The IAPs are for bonus maps, there are no freemium elements to it at all.

  • DSTYO82

    All these links to other games! Why? Naught is a runner and Palm Kingdoms on sale the iPhone ONLY, like give us the iPad version for free and I might be interested. Autumn Dynasty is developed by Touch Dimensions and even this site is called Touch Arcade. My point is that this RTS game succeeds at achieving excellent control of units, that's why you should get this game (not any other) and practice in preparation for the highly anticipated release of Autumn Dynasty Warlords next week.

    • Pete Osborne

      Yeah people, stop trying to be helpful and let people know about decent freebies!

      I'm really not sure what point you're trying to make here haha

      • DSTYO82

        Haha, I was waiting for someone to say that. Simply the freebies mentioned were neither decent or RTS games. As much as I like freebies it has to be a quality freebie to become an alert.

      • Pete Osborne

        It's a thread about a freebie, any other freebie is on topic and clearly appreciated by the upvoting. Anyway, I was unaware the freebies had to meet your seal of approval before we could post them here 😛

      • DSTYO82

        I could share some games that do meet my seal of approval, we might even have the same games?

      • barghout

        Yes please do that, i find most of my best games through recommendations from real players. Freebies are often freebies because they're not really good or else they're going to monitise the game in a way that spoils it.

      • DSTYO82

        OK, a game called "Quasar Phase". It's a really good RTS and it's free.

      • barghout

        Thanks for that. It looks like my kind of game.

        Downloading now and will have a play.

  • flashbackflip

    Thanx, TA! I wanted it long ago, but forgot to buy