It's Wednesday, and our mega New Zealand game stream is here. We've got a lot of games to get through today, so let's not waste any time! Anyway, if you haven't yet, please follow us as it's the best way to get notified when we're streaming.

To tune into the TA Plays Live stream you've got three options:

  • The easiest is to just scroll down to see the embedded video stream and chat below. Make sure to turn the volume slider up if you want to hear game audio and commentary.
  • Visit the TouchArcade channel on Twitch directly and watch over there.
  • Download the Twitch.TV app [Free] and either hit this link on your device or simply search for the channel TouchArcade.

Here are the games we're going to be playing today, they will be streamed in this order:

Check out the stream below, or if you're viewing the site in our app or mobile, please download the Twitch client and mash the link mentioned above.

Update: Aaaaand we're offline, thanks everyone for watching! The stream video will be up shortly here:

  • mzinn

    Can not wait for Tengami. Looks awesome

    • lll Anubis lll

      Too bad it's last on the list 😛
      Is that the pop up book by the way? I think I saw a preview a while ago, looked interesting but I don't know much about it.

      • mzinn

        I know last on the list & i missed it. Now have to wait for video to upload. I watched almost all,the other games then had to leave. Argh!!!

  • Echoen

    TA Plays Bugs: Tomorrow's Bugs Today

  • thiagovscoelho


  • bitbit

    The app store is a wasteland of free to play garbage