downloadWe posted about the Flappy Jam last week, and while the premise of making a quick and simple but almost impossibly difficult game hasn't changed, the number of games submitted sure has. When we first wrote about it, 66 games were submitted, which felt like a lot. Now? There's 312. While I'd still say Terry Cavanagh's Maverick Bird is my favorite Flapp-like, this weekend yielded a ton of new great entries in the game jam.

For the sake of simplicity, I only included games that are immediately playable in the browser either via HTML, Flash, or a quick download of the Unity 3D Web Player. These are some of my favorites, although there's so many now it's hard to choose:

Flippy Star - A vertical avoidance game that seems pretty average aside from using the DuckTales moon music, which makes it worth playing if only to minimize in the background and rock out.

Flappy Chubby Cupid - This one gets points for not really doing anything gimmicky, and instead just being a pretty solid Flappy Bird-like.

New Super Bardy Flip HD - This one turns Flappy Bird on its head, by, well, having you play as a flying pipe flying through Flappy Birds.

Flaptris - This game actually blends together Flappy Bird and Tetris. You not only need to make it through Flappy Bird-like openings, you've also got to have your Tetris piece rotated in the right direction. Very tricky.

Flappy Text Adventure - This game has you playing Flappy Bird super-retro style using text commands. You navigate through pipes based on your Y coordinates and are warned where the pipes are based on your X coordinates.

Flappy Space Program - Taking inspiration from the fantastic Kerbal Space Program, Flappy Space Program has you furiously clicking to get birds to orbit a planet. It's really difficult.


Flapfox - The horrifying results of mashing Starfox and Flappy Bird together. My top score is 2.

Flappy Mouse - While everyone else races to riff classic games, Flappy Mouse is simply Flappy Bird built... Inside of Microsoft Excel.

Spider Bomb - Play as Samus escaping from what presumably is Zebes, spikes add to the ridiculous challenge.

Unflappable Dev - Take control of Flappy Bird developer Dong Nguyen's Twitter avatar and fly through a barrage of negative tweets.

Happy Bard - In this game, you play as a bard apparently orbiting a planet that is covered in pipes. The premise doesn't make sense, but, the music is good.

FlappyFish - The combination of Flappy Bird and Fez result in a stupidly difficult spin on the original.

Regardless of how you feel about Flappy Bird, the Flappy Jam is still something you should check out. There's a ton of great games, from a bunch of big name developers, all paying tribute to Flappy Bird in their own way. Definitely give it a look if you're bored and looking for (as of this writing) 312 free games to play.

  • anarchy in the app store

    Ughhh, this will never end, will it?

    • Jacob007

      It'll end when a new free, fun game shows up and becomes famous. Then devs will improvise on that and it'll happen all over again.

    • UltraTron

      I tried flappy bird. It's impossible and so I immediately went back to grand theft auto 5. In conclusion I'd like to point out that all the talk around this game must be manufactured to make it look like there's something to talk about because nobody could possibly be playing this impossible game.. Ok I'm gonna try it one more time and if I can't get past the first 3 pipes I'm deleting it.

  • Andy C83

    TA member "TheFrost" is collaborating with Adam Atomic to bring his Flappy Bird homage FLAPPYBALT to iOS. A name change may be in order, we'll see what Apple says. Someone mentioned CanaBird. I like it.

    • Eli Hodapp

      Oh that's great news.

    • damagex


  • metvane

    "Regardless how you feel about Flappy Bird", how does it make any sense for anybody that hates Flappy bird should still check out all these flappy ripoffs

    • Eli Hodapp

      Because a lot of them have very little to do with Flappy Bird and instead are just super difficult micro-games?

      • metvane

        So then explain that in the article because nothing in your article got that point across

  • PallaZ

    Flappy Bird is such a bad game in every aspect. I can't understand the hype about it, and can't understand TA is constantly reporting about those crap as well.

    • cofunguy

      Even sadder that TA has to report about "flappy" every week 2-3 times. Might as well change TA's name since they don't know a good app when they see it!

    • SonixManix

      Psssshhh... That was Hater-Rain!

    • Mr.Swift™

      I agree with you about TA reporting on it too much, but the Hype of Flappy Bird comes from the challenge to beat your friends. I dont think its a bad game neverless a good one. Its just one that was easy enough for anyone to try.

      • PallaZ

        The core gameplay is a rip off. The sprites are stolen. The game mechanics are bad.
        You can take any other game to compare with your friends.

    • xx99

      I guarantee TA keeps reporting on it because their Flappy articles keep having high readership. TA is a business and driving more page views is a good thing for them.

      I understand people who dislike the game itself, but the phenomenon surrounding it is big news in the gaming industry. Look at how well it's done in generating downloads, players, and buzz. When their stops being news to report, TA will stop reporting on it.

      • xx99

        I apologize for the misused "their". No way to edit from the TA app.

  • Rip73

    Any apps with "Flappy" in the title are now being rejected by both Apple and Google because they are attempting to leverage the popularity of another app.

  • ItouchBrett

    Eli is getting really annoying with this shit. Why don't we just post ALL other games that have been ripped. I mean, why not right? Cause TA sure isn't reviewing any of the 5/5 apps that came out this past 2 weeks. Just more flappy news. Selling out dude. Selling out.

    • Eli Hodapp

      I'm not sure you're reading the same site I am. We're continually posting tons of reviews and other relevant news. Like it or not, Flappy Bird is relevant. If these stories don't interest you, don't read them. A snide comment on every story that doesn't specifically fall inside of your specific taste in video games isn't necessary.

      • SonixManix

        +1 to that.

      • lll Anubis lll

        Gotta love Eli and how well he handles people.

      • araczynski

        i don't agree, its only 'relevant' because you keep pushing the junk. you either swim in the sewer with the rest, or you get out of it. are you a 'news' place or are you FOX?

      • xx99

        It's relevant because people are relevant and because the whole Flappy phenomenon is a big deal. Why else would a Flappyjam have 300+ entries let alone exist in the first place?

        If you don't think Flappy news is relevant gaming news, you are out of sync with gaming news.

        It's what people are playing and I'm sure it's what people are reading about. Just today in the theater for The Lego Movie I saw three separate phones playing Flappy games before the previews.

      • metvane

        It's not on the App Store anymore and supposedly won't ever come back again so actually it's not relevant anymore

    • Jared Nelson

      Here's a list of the reviews we've posted in the last two weeks, since you seem to only be fixated on the Flappy bird stuff:

      A Darker Shade of Red
      Journey to Kreisia
      Rocket Robo
      Grandpa and Zombies
      Only One
      R Type II
      Monster Loves you
      Banshee's Last Cry
      Toast Time
      On The Line
      SuperPro Snowboarding
      Final Fantasy VI
      Toad Rider
      Spell Quest
      Platforms Unlimited
      Lego Star Wars Microfighters
      Dungeon Keeper
      Marvel Run Jump Smash
      Dawn of the Plow
      Luxuria Superbia

      • ItouchBrett

        The editors have no idea what we are trying to say. Just keep posting flappy shit, and we will keep reading it!

      • Alexythimia23

        It comes down to gaming phenomenon's like this rarely happen, so for a gaming forum to not keep upto date with this story i get it, you got to remember this is THIER line of work, its like the news not keep talking about 9/11, or about entertainment news keep telling us that beiber is still trying to be a wannabe gangster lmao its they have to write about it, thats the context you need to take this in and not diss them. Im not a fan but i like to put my two cents in like you guys but dont need to hate on TA when you gotta remember the above.... " its their job dude"

      • metvane

        Eli seems to be the one fixated on Flappy stuff. If there wasn't another flappy article posted again I somehow don't think there would be massive demand for more Flappy articles

  • Guest

    I agree with you about TA reporting on it too much, but the Hype of Flappy Bird comes from the challenge to beat your friends, and from a craving for difficulty.

  • Dailion Ando

    Apple will ban apps with "flappy" in the name

  • Kane

    If any game becomes as popular and hyped like flappy bird, I'm sure everyone will get annoyed about that game too. Say if your favourite game of all time is an overnight sensation... You'd probably get sick of it. This is what's happening with flappy bird.. Just deal with it. If you can't.. You can't get through life smoothly.

  • Eli Hodapp

    You mean like the super unique RPG puzzler we posted about today that no one seems to care about, comparatively?

  • ItouchBrett

    Im liking how a lot of people here are agreeing with me. I come here to read about games. Not the same shit over and over. Hey Jared, thanks for the list you spent probably 10 minutes posting, but that doesn't change the fact that you JUST reviewed a Kemco game that was out more the a month ago. If not for all this flappy bird shit, you would have a list twice that big. Wait, why am I wasting my breathe. Lemme go just go download (as of this writing) 312 more flappy games. Cause this is how I wanna spend my Monday. Screw ff6, screw any else , I'm just happy TA is obviously all over anything Flappy. Hey Eli, how about ANOTHER session of you sucking flappy bird? Cool? COOL! /rant

    • Eli Hodapp

      Journey to Kreisia was released on February 3rd, or, two weeks ago. It's an in-depth RPG. It took two weeks to review it because that's how long it took to play through it. It's a long game, and we didn't get a pre-release copy.

      I mentioned this before, but I'll say it again, as maybe you missed it. Our staff of freelance writers exclusively works on game reviews. None of my writers' time is being split between Flappy Bird news posts and focusing on reviews. No one on my staff has been pulled off writing a review to write anything about Flappy Bird.

      Here's some stats for you: Currently my writers have 21 games checked out for potential review, 10 reviews are in the process of being written, and several are in queue for publication, many of which will go up today or tomorrow. This process has nothing to do with Flappy Bird news.

      I wish I could figure out why you choose to ignore all of this and instead decide to devote to much time and energy to a game which you have professed time and time again that you don't care about.

  • ItouchBrett

    Eli, it's cause I live this website I have been coming here for a long time. Since this site was first thought of. When the TA app was released I flipped out. I was the happiest person in the world. This is THE place to go to for ios news. 148 app is good, but not nearly as cleverly written as the guys you have here. My gripe, continues, with flappy bird. I get why you are covering it, but I just don't get why it's STILL revelent. Let's just let it for out, and it will trust me. When my phone beeps I have a special tone so I know it's a TA article and hey what do ya know, another post telling me there is 312 more flappy games. Is say more then half your readers don't care. But hey, know what you should do? Make a poll. Ya, make a poll and ask the question "is flappy still relevant"? Or " how many of you stillcare about 312 flappy games"? Then when you get your answer, I will shut up and I won't bother you anymore and we can all continue on.

    • Eli Hodapp

      Again, we cover relevant industry news. Like it or not, there hasn't been a bigger shake up or a better story from a human perspective since the inception of the App Store than Flappy Bird. It's a game from a no-name developer that hit it big overnight and the developer pulled it from the App Store because it was "too addictive." Since then, Flappy Bird has turned into an international phenomenon. Its Google Trend search frequency is approaching that of Minecraft. Every media outlet on the planet is reporting on Flappy Bird because it's news that people are interested. Search your local Craigslist for Flappy Bird, mine has 1,888 different listings including a dude selling Flappy Bird art.

      Traffic for Flappy Bird stories is through the roof. Why? Because it's something people care about, and are interested in reading about. We're by no means a wholly analytics driven site, but when I look at traffic reports and see Flappy Bird stories generating exponentially more interest than the other things we posted last week, it means there is an audience who wants to read things about Flappy Bird. As I mentioned before, we've by no means turned our back on our core readers. Flappy Bird coverage represents a vast minority of the stories we've posted in the last two weeks.

      Think of it this way- You write for a newspaper during election season. Do you not cover elections because after the first story on the election it's no longer relevant? Hell no, because the upcoming election is something talked about and stories about it are sought after by readers. I would never assume as someone who isn't interested in politics that said coverage isn't relevant, shouldn't exist, and the newspaper should instead write something else.

      I'd agree with you that no one cares about Flappy Bird if our traffic reports didn't show the exact, extreme, polar opposite. People don't click on stories to read more about things they don't care about, maybe a few do, but not tens of thousands.

      • Diaboliq


  • Alexythimia23

    Well you guys get a room? Lol

  • JohnnyJ301

    I'm going to be honest and say this whole flappy bird thing is a huge enigma. A simple 8 bit pixel game becoming a mobile phenomenon. Dong has produced more PR than he ever could imagined by pulling this simple game.

    • Chungston

      That's why it is fascinating.

  • spokentruths772

    Omg stop posting about flappy bird!!! There are over thousands of games on the App Store and google play store and all you can post about is flappy bird? Lol wow I'm so tired of this in my notifications TA you can do alot better than this

  • Diaboliq

    Can u post about good games plz? I'd really like to know about those...

  • EmoryM

    Thanks for mentioning my game (Unflappable Dev) - I can't help but draw parallels between the tweets directed at Flappy Bird's creator and the comments you're receiving for writing this article. It's so much easier to tear someone/something down in a sentence or two than it is to get out there and create something. People on the internet are very angry (for reasons.)

    • maomaoyinpei

      But you copied it

  • that420guy

    TA defensive much? free speach??

  • Michael Adaixo

    Try Final Flapasy! 🙂

  • nosmirck

    I didn't see this post until now, thanks for the review! my game is the second listed! Flappy Chubby Cupid! I just did a clone with a Valentine's day theme because I released it on Feb-14.