In case you don't already have Tetris [$1.99] on your iPhone, Apple is giving it away for free today in their Apple Store App [Free]. It isn't the first freebie they've offered, as they've given away various books from iBooks before, but it is one worth jumping through the few hoops to grab. Our sister site, MacRumors describes how to find it:

The Tetris offer can be accessed from individual store pages in the Apple Store app, which are found by tapping on the "Stores" button in the bottom toolbar. The free app is listed in the middle of the page, directly underneath the company's "Love is in the Air" Valentine's Day sale.

Here's what you should be looking for:


Additionally, since Tetris gets added to your iTunes account forever once you complete this promotion, there's not much reason to keep the Apple Store App on your device if you don't want to. It is pretty handy though, particularly if you live near a busy Apple Store. The self check out functionality of the app is really worth checking out if so.

  • Morgan01

    The name EA kills it...

    • mackenzie wunderlich

      my Aunty Amelia got a new blue Land Rover LR4 only from
      working part time off a home computer... helpful hints F­i­s­c­a­l­P­o­s­t­.­ℂ­o­m

  • Franko

    Yea. Whatever Electronic fArts touch, it turns to shit.

    • thiagovscoelho

      The Tetris app's implementation is pretty good with the. Touch controls. Little to no misdrops. Got used to it and it's great, still a bit confused on high gravity though, but aren't we all always.

      It's great. Don't confuse it with Tetris Blitz,the controls of that one suck.

    • rewind

      They must be a really stinky company...

    • Kane

      EA = Extreme Assholery

  • rseller1

    I don't get Tetris offered when I open the Apple store app on my iPhone - I get a kids book about valentines day :-/

    • Jake7905

      It'll show up when you touch the 'Stores' section on the bottom of the screen.

      • rseller1


      • imdakine1

        I got the kids book as well and don't have tetris when I click stores

  • B30

    Why should somebody download an EA app?

    • thiagovscoelho

      To get great Tetris gameplay.

      • B30

        To get great Tetris gamplay, I dig out my old gameboy.

      • VirtualBoyFreak

        This one has also nailed touch controls. I feel I did a bit better on my old gameboy, but in this one I'm doing great too! 🙂

      • thiagovscoelho

        Your old Game Boy version has no colour or backlight, isn't even winnable due to a game-breaking bug, has no lock-delay or hold-queue and in general just doesn't adhere to the new improved Tetris Guidelines the Tetris company has made for official Tetris products, which makes gameplay better across all versions.

        The iPad one's touch-controls are spot-on, at least when not using the Tetris Blitz "one-touch" controls (awful) and while not as good as the 3DS version it is still much better than the Game Boy, NES or any of those older ones.

  • Adams Immersive

    Seems like the old swipe control option remains, and still works well. The one-tap thing is interesting, though.

    Wish it was Universal of course...

    • thiagovscoelho

      The one-tap thing is weird and I hate it

  • godofodd

    I've been curious about this, glad to try it out without spending any money. The one-touch method is a great way to play a quick game and rack up some high scores.

  • thiagovscoelho

    Aw, I paid for that!

  • Mr.Swift™

    EA is Cancer...Why do you promote them apple? 🙁

    How much did they pay you..?

    • Kane

      Wow! You really do hate EA with a white hot passion.

    • Themostunclean

      Well that's about the most ignorant comment I've read today.

      Oh, and EA never gave the NSA access to its customers private emails and browser history, unlike Apple.

    • Mr.Swift™

      So when Someone posts EA is cancer on the "Dungeon Keeper" Post, everyone agrees and hates but the minuet someone says it on another one of EA's titles Hate arrives. I hate EA because the almost force you to buy a ridiculous amount of iap and they dont think about the consumer more than themselves.

  • sokae

    Sorry this is random you guys know if they will bring battle supremacy to android?.......cheers.

    • 61050

      you are right, that was random.

  • Wizard_Mike

    Doesn't seem available via the iPad version of the app, and trying to use the iPhone version on the iPad only gets you a message to us the iPad version.

    • dancj

      I got a message recommending the iPad app, but it still worked fine on my iPad 3.

      • Wizard_Mike

        What do you mean "still worked on my ipad 3?" You were able to find the freebie deal through the ipad app, or you were able to bypass the "use the ipad version" message on the iphone app? Because as far as I can tell, neither is possible.

        Do you have an older version of the apple store app, perhaps?

  • timborama

    It's not FREE, you need to buy "coins". Why TA continue to promote EA $h!t apps is beyond me.

  • Geertyy

    Not for iPad, only iPhone ;/

  • SubZeroBR

    can't access from ipad, got no iphone near me right now, sigh.

  • makitango

    Thank god I grabbed one of the older versions which got removed because there was too less monetization in it.

  • _the_escape_artist_

    I don't even have the Apple Store App. Anyone know if this will work in Mexico? (I'm Mexican) I can't seem to even find the Apple Store App. 🙁 Kill me please. lol

    • hakamhakam

      Not available in Thailand too, seem like it's not available in many countries.

  • Dave

    Works in Australia, thanks.

  • Dakota

    Weird its not free if you go to Appstore on your .computer

  • VirtualBoyFreak

    Thanks for the heads up Eli 🙂

  • Kosher-X

    Why it shows the Find My iPhone app when I click on the Apple Store app link? Seems like a scam.

    • Themostunclean

      Your comment shows you posted on Saturday, this deal was for valentines day only. Try actually reading the article before calling it a "scam".

  • Diaboliq

    The apple's apple App Store? That made me laugh 🙂

  • grammatonfeather

    Judging by the comments about it on the App Store it's not free but makes you pay through iap.