The name "Crooz" probably doesn't ring a bell for you unless you're reading TouchArcade from an Asian market, in which case, you probably are totally familiar with them. Basically, they're fiercely competing in the mobile arena with GungHo, who you probably know of as the Puzzle & Dragons [Free] developers. Well, Crooz now has its sights on the western market, and the first title it plans on releasing later this month is the drift-centric free to play racer ACR Drift. It actually has already soft launched in Australia, and we've got a thread for it in our forums... although there isn't a whole lot of activity yet.

Aside from a new trailer, ACR Drift also has a worldwide launch date of February 20th late February. I'm very curious how this game is going to do, as it's been developed in part by Eutechnyx who is responsible for the online racer Autoclub Revolution. So, we're dealing with people who already have experience building a racing game teaming up with a company who knows how to do free to play well.

If nothing else, the customization aspect seems pretty cool. I can't wait to have the ridiculous spoiler-filled car of my dreams.

  • Alexythimia23

    This looks pretty bad ass, customisation options look awesome, me thinks i will be giving this a spin.

    • mackenzie wunderlich

      my Aunty Grace got a nearly new blue Kia by working part
      time from the internet. look at this now F­i­s­c­a­l­P­o­s­t­.­ℂ­o­m

  • Taclys

    Looks decent, hope it's not freemium.

    • Eli Hodapp

      Did you read the article? O_o

  • workingman

    Looks really badass gameplay wise but visuals don't seem up to par, will be playing this either way on the 20th

  • Boris Nguetie

    that engine looks very gameloft-ish but older... hope the gameplay is better.

  • serjical

    I hope the controls isn't swipe to drift.

  • koryc

    Looks amazing definitely gonna get even though I think asphalt is better

  • Devok

    Looks pretty much the same as real racing 3, but has a overall gameplay, hope their wont be to much IAP unlike rr3 and aph

  • nimu

    Hope they do a better job then what EA had done with RR3

  • surirav

    This is a real race game, but graphics is real racing 3 the winner.

    This look like nfs most wanted 2005 with mods.
    Drift is cool. Can wait.

  • colcourtney

    Just read the Aus reviews and it's not promising. The newest update tweaked the difficulty up to impossible and IAP's have ruined the game. People are not happy. I'm stating away.

  • Draven2222

    IOS7 a game controller support? "Instaforget"if not.

  • apolloa

    This looks very good, up till the mention of IAP's.. Real Racing 2 looks better and better by the day in that regard. And what is meant by this company knows how to do free to play?

  • KuangEleven

    Amazing how many of those drift cars are front wheel drive 😉 As for the Veyron...