Oh hey, Card Wars - Adventure Time [$3.99] isn't the only straggler to be released this evening, Dungelot 2 [Free] is also trailing behind the rest of this week's releases with a Thursday night release. The original Dungelot [$0.99] was loved by our community, and the new free to play spin on Dungelot 2 has been hotly debated in our forums since it first was revealed that the game would come with a $0 price tag.

Well, I played it for over 45 minutes on stream, and didn't have a problem with the IAP aside from it being kind of annoying that checkpoints require the premium currency. I guess you don't really need checkpoints, but still.

The energy system (or ham, I guess) is completely removed with a single $3.99 IAP, but again, unless you plan on just powering through Dungelot 2, it probably won't be a problem for you.

  • Billy Ocean

    yes. YES.

  • Nick

    The dude abides. (By this IAP)

  • ejfarraro

    Pretty disappointed so far, which is a shame, because I enjoyed the original so much and I've been following the development of this for months.

    I understand why developers go freemium, but as a player, I don't like it. Difficulty on this seems out of whack. If I spend any gold on adding damage/health, it's hard to get my gold's worth during the run. In other words, it's possible (and likely) that you'll actually LOSE gold on a run. Sure, the original Dungelot was grindy too, but at least you felt like you were making progress. There's all kinds of cool stuff I can spend money on, including mercenaries you meet during the map; however, if I actually buy anything, I'll be out money on the run. There's painfully little in the way of permanent upgrades that you can purchase thus far; compare this to the original Dungelot, where you were always making some progress towards a skill level or attribute.

    To further frustrate matters, the one thing that would make the game a lot more playable -- checkpoints in the form of runic doors - take runes to operate. How do you get runes? Buying them with IAP. I still don't even understand the meat system, or when I need more of it.

    On the flip side, there's a lot to like here. The graphics are gorgeous. Combat is made interesting with totems and cool new spells. Some of the systems from Dungelot 1 I didn't really like (like morale) are gone. Besides a few untranslated/poorly translated strings, the game is polished the whole way through.

    I'm going to keep playing this to see if it gets better/updated, but I just wish the market didn't have to keep churning out psuedo-freemium titles. There will be players that say you don't need to spend any IAP to progress and they're probably right; I have no doubt it's possible, just very grindy feeling. There will be people that say that the game is meant to be balanced this way, and that the IAP are "cheats".

    I encourage you to try it yourself and see. I hate when people have knee-jerk reactions to IAP, and I always try games myself -- despite the critics -- to see how it is. IMO, it's just a shame that this game, thus far, has lacked some of the magic of the first one.

    • Stustaff

      If you like it and don't want ISP issue why not just buy it for 3.99 and remove all of that?

      • Fangbone

        All that does is get rid of the timers. It doesn't have anything to do with too little gold being given and needing runes to continue or set up check points.

      • ejfarraro

        Yeah, I always throw the developer a few bucks if I'm enjoying the game, even if I don't think the IAP is worth it. Unfortunately, like Fangbone said, it doesn't address the core issue.

        If there is a coin doubler (should be more like a coin tripler, it seems) or the progression is otherwise addressed, I'll gladly spend 5 bucks on this game.

    • jontas

      I couldn't agree more with this comment. I loved the first one and was very excited for thee sequel but after playing for a few hours last night I am pretty disappointed. I put in at least three hours of play time and I feel like I got nowhere in terms if advancement, and the only way I will advance is by shelling out for the IAP. I don't mind spending money on the game but spending it on gimmicky IAP stuff makes me feel like I'm cheating to get ahead. I think this game needs some serious rebalancing.

  • detourne

    As cool as the streaming is, these videos are kind of boring. Any chance we'll see any snappy banter in the future between Eli/Jared/Brad?

    • gora

      Brad has moved on. He's still missed by all.

  • Corky McButterpants

    Was also looking forward to this - but the sound design is still decidedly underwhelming

    also seems to be яцssiал & placeholder text still in the code...

    ℬ‾ needs work

  • Biowhere

    What a massive disappointment 🙁

  • LungenStrudel

    having a quick look i noticed that this one doesn't even really support the new screen size introduced with iphone5. the (new screen minus old screen) space is filled with some useless stone texture, as in those games that already existed before iphone5 and were adapted to the larger screen later on. somehow i'm not impressed.

  • F4stOne

    Easily the biggest disappointment for me in a long while. I loved the first incarnation of this IP. Where are all the great game Devs that do this for the enjoyment of the players rather than the almighty dollar. The IAPs absolutely ruin this game, as with most games. So sad. I hope the Devs change their tune rather than resort to more greed. Deleted the app after about an hour of playing.

    • gust0208

      I had a similar experience. Great fondness for the first, but the loss of any resemblance of permanent advancement or progression killed it for me. I just didn't have that drive to "get one more level" and it truly died with the IAP blocked checkpoints and very difficult boss fight (damage after each attack, very high HP, high shields, massive damage).

    • UnSurreal

      I also feel the same. The grind starts on the first level, it's ridiculous.

    • UnSurreal

      I also feel the same. The grind starts on the first level, it's ridiculous.

  • JudahJames

    Perfect game for when you want a game you can play with one hand and you can look away from without any penalty. I spent the $3.99 and I'd say it's just fine. To many of you are looking at IOS Games as something your going to 'win'. Instead just look at it as some brain candy when you're riding the bus. This is well worth the 4 bucks IMHO.

  • JudahJames

    Perfect game for when you want a game you can play with one hand and you can look away from without any penalty. I spent the $3.99 and I'd say it's just fine. To many of you are looking at IOS Games as something your going to 'win'. Instead just look at it as some brain candy when you're riding the bus. This is well worth the 4 bucks IMHO.

    • Biowhere

      I think the issue most people have is when a game is tuned to generate revenue and not tuned to actually be fun/challenging/rewarding in proper measures.

      • JudahJames

        I guess I'm just rarely looking to complete or finish IOS games. Just kill a few minutes here and there. And the fact that we getta play these games for less than the price of a cheeseburger is crazy. I still remember ponying up 50-60 bucks for Super NES games back in the day.

  • Paulos G

    Add me to the list of those who loved the first but are dissapointed by this.

  • MonkeyChunks

    Heavy IAP inclusion makes every game less fun. Not lower quality because, for example, this game is great. But the IAP purchased to make the game easier hurts the game and spoils the fun. Because of these IAP no meaningful online leaderboards are possible. Difficulty isn't standardized. Incentive for developer to make game itself harder to encourage IAP purchases.

    Honestly, id readily buy this game for $2.99 if it didn't have IAP.
    I do understand why the creator does this. It gets more people to download the free version to check it out and probably creates more profit. So I do not blame him for this.
    But while attempts by the developer to make more are understandable the fact remains that this hurts the game by making it unfair, less fun. Too bad.

  • F4stOne

    What exactly does paying $3.99 unlock? You still need Runes to activate the progression portals which is insulting to put it mildly. Only a free game can get away with crap like that. This app in its current state is more of a time killer than a game. The Devs missed the mark completely and wasted all the talent spent making it look great.

    • Alan Baldwin

      You certainly don't need runes for progression. The real progression is leveling up the equipment you get - bumping the sword up to level 3 got me through the first dungeon pretty easily. The biggest problem I have is that there doesn't appear to be any progression with the characters themselves, just with the equipment you get.
      Also, gates are for the next round only, which does kind of suck.

  • metalmandave83

    This game is an inferior Dungelot with better art and excessive reliance on IAP. A big step in the wrong direction.

  • vicsark

    So the developer of Dungelot 2 just announced on TA forum he's pulling the game out of the appstore : he qualifies it as a "complete fail" and he doesn't want anyone downloading it until the newt update.
    I alredy don't see it in the appstore.

    • Peter Horváth

      Yeah, it really takes a character to do that. I am more than willing to wait longer if it means Dimitri will tweak stuff.

      Don't forget that the first Dungelot needed some balance reworking too.