Remember last September when we posted about Squeenix's vague announcement of Deadman's Cross [Free]? Well, the "zombie-themed card-based battle RPG" spinoff of Guardian Cross [Free] is here. Guardian Cross had some pretty gross free to play elements in it, so, while I've got my fingers crossed that Deadman's Cross is different, I feel like that might be a little too optimistic.

We've got a thread in our forums where first impressions are rolling in and a thread in our MMO Codes and 'Add Me' Request forum where there's a thread of people trading their friend codes. It seems like people who are early in these threads always have the best results, so if settling into the Deadman's Cross economy is something you're interested in, hop to it.

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If you liked Guardian Cross, I can almost promise you'll like this too. If this is the first you've heard about either of these games, they're ultra-free to play card collection games with some RPG and FPS elements. It's actually sort of a neat premise, but it's quickly killed by some fairly aggressive free to play elements. But, hey, it's free, so there's not much harm in downloading it and deleting it if the pay model doesn't jive with you after your first session.

  • TimTim92

    It requires a "digital compass" which means "$&@!" for people who have an iPod touch 4G and others still.

    It's been a downward trend for the iPod as more and more recently released games require the newer technology, and slowly all games will be incompatible. I guess it's time to for an upgrade if people are still wanting to play games from the App Store.

    • godofodd

      Developers will often include the need for something like the compass in order to purposefully exclude devices that simply can't run the game. The trend is really just a natural progression. You'd expect games and apps to need better hardware as time marches on.

      • TimTim92

        I whole heartily agree. It's unfortunate for people who paid over $275 for an item (like i did) that can't keep up, but it is progression. It's part of life. And it's over 4 years old now. Developers don't want to be stuck to old technology, and don't feel the need to support it, which is understandable. For people like me who don't have that much money to get another iPod/iPhone at the moment well, that sucks. Lol

      • Fangbone

        Basically seems like iPods are becoming obsolete in general with the iPad mini at its current price point. I'd rather have a 16 gig version of newest available iPad than a 64 gig iPod.

      • TimTim92

        I really do agree. Although, I do like the small form of the iPod because it is easer to bring around with me, I would still probably upgrade to an iPad and the wireless one as I've no need for a 3G or 4G phone service whatchamacallit stuff.

      • Akahige

        I got the very first iPod touch, then went phone and now I'm in a mini. It's my favorite, full ipad is too bulky for me.
        If you play the game use my invite UVJRUTA

    • Ergo Me Smart

      Actually not just 4G, 5th Gen iPod Touch is also affected. Annoyingly, I know this from personal experience, thanks to Tiny Death Star.

  • FivepastTA

    Seems to have an unusual tendency to quit back to the title screen for no particular reason.

  • TrencH

    It looks interesting and the card art looks really wicked (which is a really big pull in for me)

    However, I am not a big fan of FPS on a phone. I like FPS, but I don't enjoy using virtual controls for them and slapping on a stick on my phone is not a option I would like to do. Interesting looking game though.

    • Akahige

      The FPS is so basic it's just a tap to collect interface..
      If you play use my code: UVJRUTA

  • idioteque

    Wow this looks terrible

  • smokie

    great game, easy and fun and use my invitation code:


  • Musashi

    Add this invite code : IDABUMT
    (Get rare cards + other benefits)

  • MYLOkai

    Referral Invite ID: DFODDCZ

  • Kipp Emm

    Deadman's Cross:

    Bonus rare item code: 4192L7M — Gives you extra rare cards at level 5!

    I can’t get enough of this game. It’s totally addicting!

    Note: This code will give you a HUGE advantage early on, so don't use it if you want to play the hard way!

  • Pizz

    Great game. Referral code "PLYQ9PI" will get you a free rare card, free feeder chicks, and daily support!

  • niran

    Use this invite code: E1YEGTE when u begin your game.
    Not to lie, you'll get a 3* upon hitting player level 5 in your gift inbox which can cause the DC equivalent of Death skill to opponent cards.

  • Paul Suciu

    Actually, the guys below are trying to get an elite card. You can get Cleopatra zombie if you have ten people log-in with your personalized code. Mine is EBWNWDT if anyone cares to give me a hand, cause I've been playing for a week for free and still haven't gotten an elite and the upper guys are shredding me. Cheers to the blessings of crowd support 🙂