In May of last year, Rodeo Games released Warhammer Quest [$2.99], a turn-based dungeon crawler set in the Warhammer universe. And, they totally nailed it–we loved Warhammer Quest in our review. The game launched at a price of $4.99, and as is almost unheard of in the world of the App Store, it has remained at that price ever since. Most everyone playing Warhammer Quest agreed it was worth the asking price and then some, but it's never fun to buy something full price and then have it immediately go on sale, so it was nice to see Rodeo stick to their pricing scheme. However, that was nearly nine months ago, and so for the first time ever Rodeo Games have decided to put Warhammer Quest on sale for just a buck through the weekend.

Now, the amount of gameplay you'll get for that buck in Warhammer Quest is quite impressive, but Rodeo has been hard at work updating the game since release adding even more new content. There was a huge update back in October, and another one back in December, both adding in tons of new stuff for Warhammer Quest players to work their way through. The additional content is mostly paid DLC, but nothing that is required to enjoy the base game which is currently on sale, just stuff to add to the experience if you crave more. So if you feel guilty for grabbing Warhammer Quest for a buck, you could always toss some more dollars towards the DLC content. And if you want some help being the best you can be at Warhammer Quest, be sure to check out our strategy guide.

  • Drizzt79

    Would really like to play this... My poor poor iPhone 4 running iOS 5 just won't do 🙁

    • Artvarg

      I played it on my iPhone 4 with iOS 6 back then. Why stay on iOS 5?

      • Drizzt79

        Way back when I updated to iOS 5, I noticed a pretty big performance drop. I assume with every major OS update it's the same. I've seen iPhone 4's running iOS 7... It's hideous how much they crawl.

      • REkzkaRZ

        IOS 6 on iPhone 4 is fine.
        IOS 7 -- I read that it slows down Phone app load time from 1/2 a sec to 2 sec's!
        That was the big dealbreaker for me.
        So next upgr on iPhone 4 will be ... JAILBREAK!

    • bigjack66

      You're not missing anything!

  • spader623

    I personally don't like it... It's just so simple. Go in dungeon, fight enemies, move to next room. Over and over again. I got bored of it very quickly.

    • Fangbone

      Try it on hardcore difficulty

      • spader623

        It's not the difficulty, it's just too simple. I want some puzzles, some cool rooms, etc. not just 'walk here. Kill this. Move on'

      • ste86uk

        Buy a puzzle game then

      • spader623

        I didn't JUST say I wanted puzzles, I also said I wanted different rooms, a bit more strategy, etc. it's just so... Bland. My opinion guys.

      • monoclespectacle

        I felt the same way.

        Until I realized how many random factors contribute to the difficulty of the game.

        And there are only a few games that have made me as tense as this one. Especially on hardcore difficulty in the last room of a dungeon, with low heath all around, and only one enemy left.....AMBUSH!

        Fantastic game in my eyes, but I definitely see where you're coming from.

    • ImJPaul

      I really just wanted same variation. I loved the game but it got old killing the same 5 things over and over.

    • icruise

      It's really a strategy game rather than a role playing or adventure game, and in that sense I really like it. The point is to figure out how to use your characters' abilities and equipment to their best advantage in the limited number of turns you have, while taking into account the types of enemies you're facing. It's more fun when you've unlocked the other enemy types, but it's not just a "walk here kill this" kind of game. Maybe you didn't play it far enough.

      • bigjack66

        It's none of those things it's just incredibly dull!

  • Opinion

    Bought it for 5, would've easily grabbed it for 10. Excellent game, i do wish this sale extended to DLC as well though as i'd love to get those for deals lololol

  • mclifford82

    I'd love to take advantage of this sale, however I don't want to take the food out of this developer's child's mouth. It really isn't right for you to promote these sales which take money from the developer.

    • mudads

      It doesn't take money from them. It's been proven (steam sales), that a developer can make more in one day off of a sale than they did at full price for a year.

    • Chris

      You're kidding, right? People who sell products have sales in order to get more people to buy their product.
      They want game sites to promote the sales. It's free marketing.
      For my part, I would not buy this game at 5 bucks but am considering it at 1 buck. And I wouldn't know it was on sale without this post on TA.

    • Azure

      If 1,000,000 were willing to buy the game at $5, but 10,000 would only pay at $1 instead, that's $10,000 in profit that would otherwise have never been made.

      You *could* lecture people about paying full price, but you'd have as much luck trying to convince a baby not to cry. It's out of your control. People have different opinions about price and that is fine.

      The real issue is when you have $100 and refuse to get a game at $3 because it's "too expensive," using the excuse "I'm waiting for a sale."

      • rpgmind

        I've been known to convince the odd baby not to cry. I did it through the magic of southern dialogue.

    • Adams Immersive

      If/when I finish my game and sell it on the App Store, if I ever hold a sale, I'll be happy to have it promoted as widely as possible! (In fact, stores/companies sometimes pay money to advertise sales. They do the sale because it works for them--but not if nobody knows.) The sale, and the article that tells us about it, should put food IN the developer's mouth. If not, then the sale experiment failed, but it's the developer's choice to try it. (And I bet it does work.)

    • Jared Nelson

      Except that they want this sale promoted, which would be why they emailed every gaming outlet with the information.

    • Bliquid

      So, you think the choice of putting thw game on sake was...whom's?
      My educated guess is it was the developers'.
      But why would they do such an awful thing to their own children, i wonder.
      Maybe, just maybe, because they think they could sell more by temporarily lowering the price (they got me, in fact).
      Or maybe i'm wrong, and they want people to see there's a sale and say:" no, i won't buy it. I'll wait until the price goes back to normal".
      Only problem is, the price was normal before the sale too, so why those lazy masses didn't buy the game then?
      Seriously, there must be an evil genius, in this obscure plot.

      • Apposl

        Nah, just an idiot, welcome to the Internet.

  • ste86uk

    Had this from the very start anyone that doesn't have it should certainly pick it up at that price.

  • vicsark

    Just checked. Nope 🙁

  • vicsark

    It's my best game of 2013. A no brainer pick if you ever liked turned based strategy games or board games.
    Very polished, great art and music. Lots of depth.

    About the IAPs:
    The 2 campaigns are easily worth their 5$ price tag as each add about 10 hours of gameplay. But they're not mandatory. Just buy them if you want more after finishing the main game 😉

    Heroes are a bit pricey at 3$ but add diversity in gameplay, each having its own characteristics/spells/stuff. Non mandatory either. You may buy one or two to add to your party or none, as you already have a party of 4.

    They also added a few enemies pack and dungeons for the late game. Again worth it if you want more, but non mandatory.

    The weapons IAP are dispensable and overpriced. Don't buy them.
    You shouldn't be needing gold IAP either through normal gameplay.

    Hardcore mode has perma death 🙂

    And there's a ton of info in the forum thread by hardcore players who know a lot more than I do about it 😉

    • vahramas

      Very helpful, thank you!

  • speedyph


  • one.sixty.four

    How much of the game is included in the original purchase? It looks like there is a ton of IAP...

    • xx99

      One full campaign and four characters. I believe max level is 10. Besides extra currency (unnecessary), the other IAPs are extra campaigns ($5 per) and extra characters ($3 per). Extra campaigns are well worth it if you like the game, as they add hours of extra gameplay and new enemies that get randomized into all dungeons, not just the ones in the new campaign. Extra characters add some interesting variety, but the price is pretty steep — two extra campaigns ($10) is a lot more bang than three extra characters ($9).

  • Poo

    Prefer their hunters games

  • bigjack66

    It's hateful! It's slow, dull, repetitive and suffers the greatest flaw of turn based games whereby you stand right next to an enemy use your attack and you miss! It's despicable and hateful it's why I deleted X-com cause it did the same thing and they do it a lot, not just occasionally! Glad I only payed a buck! Deleted!

    • dancj

      Because no one ever missed when they were trying punch someone close up.

    • Jake7905

      You sound like a Flappy Bird kind of guy.

  • anabolicMike

    Bought. It's a dollar. I just won't invite your mom over twice now. Yeah, you. The person reading this. I'm talking about your mom and he costs 50 cents!

  • bhornburg

    Love this game sooo much, it's just got a great vibe to it...feels and looks 'right', like the first two Diablos did back in the day.

    It's not perfect by any means, I really wish there was exploration instead of the 'kill everything' approach to the dungeoning. However, the aesthetics of everything (I love the random encounter roll if you stay in an empty room too long) is top notch.

  • Spamgristle

    If I already own the board game version do I need this?

    • icruise

      If you actually own the original board game (and have played it), I would think you would be very interested to see how the video game version compares. So yes, especially for $.99 I would get it.

  • Scot Damn

    I can't believe they've lowered the price. They're slapping the early adapters in the face. The app store pricing flux has gotten out of hand! 🙂

  • shereenelkadem

    Been playing this since yesterday, fantastic game, love it

    • bigjack66

      Christ! Your easily pleased! This is unbelievably dull!

  • pinpoint007

    This game feels so slow. And the text is way too small. Wanted to like it, but so far not impressed.