While the pickings are pretty slim for iOS 7 controllers that are actually worth buying, things are getting pretty awesome on the software side of things as more and more games that were originally made to be played with controllers slowly begin to get controller support. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 [Free] already had controller support, but last night both Sonic the Hedgehog [Free] and Sonic CD [Free] joined the controller party.

I'm not sure if the Sonic games specifically are worth picking up a controller for, but if you've already got one, the Sonic games are definitely worth playing with proper controls. Additionally, the Sonic games are just worth having anyway, regardless of whether or not you've got a controller to play them with. The love they've gotten by Christian Whitehead and Sega is really remarkable.

  • oddyoh

    Sweet, I hoped they'd update these.

  • Naraka

    having not played the sonic series in the past and looking to pick one up to play with a controller can anyone recommend one over the others?

    • dwx882

      they're all about equal as far as the controllers go. sonic 1 and 2 are classic gaming staples, my favorite is probably sonic cd though, it takes the same core gameplay and builds on it. if you've never played a sonic game, you can't go wrong with the first game though, and then you can actually appreciate the differences in the games. just my thoughts.

    • tylerandjennifer1

      i would say EASILY sonic 2.

  • Clusterdrone

    Which is the best controller, right now?

    • Naraka

      The steel series is the best controller currently. Good build quality and i like the tension on the sticks. Only 'drawback' is its size, it is quite small. However i like the travel size great to throw in the bag and use on the go, not so much for home use. Now just waiting for a full size controller to keep at home.

  • Kane

    This is joyful news.. Literally 🙂

  • Inaba-kun

    This may well be a sign that Sega know something we don't - I'm thinking the rumoured Apple TV with an app store (and games).