Hey Flappy Bird [Free] fans, the world's current most popular bird has just received a brand new update on iOS. It includes new colors of birds, which appear to just be randomly assigned with each new game. So, if you have a particular affinity for the new red or blue versions, you'll just have to rely on luck in order to play them. The game also features a new night theme, which similarly seems to be random with any given game. The most noticeable different to me is that the green pipes have been revamped, and appear to be much smoother now and not as pixelated. Here's a side-by-side comparison of a screen from the old Flappy Bird and the updated version.

flappyold flappynew

The update description also notes there's a slightly altered UI, which sees the previous version's "Replay" button replaced with a simple green arrow button like you'd find on a DVD player. Strangely, the ability to share your scores after a run seems to be completely removed, which I find odd as that seemed to be a large part of what made Flappy Bird such a viral sensation. If you find where it's moved to, please let me know. Finally, the update includes an improved framerate and indeed the game performs much more smoothly now. Related to this, the problem of banner ads popping in during a game and causing a life-ending hitch appears to be resolved, and in fact in the games I've played since updating the ads don't appear during the game at all, just immediately before and after. Awesome. If you're in the legion of Flappy Bird fanatics, make sure to grab this new update.

  • CookieMunch

    Guess who has a thumb and is not sleeping tonight..This guy!!

    • Echoen

      Say goodbye to your thumb!

  • shdwstar2417

    Not in the Legions ..... Sorry .

  • Kane

    I love this game... Some of you hate it. I expect likes & dislikes, let's see who wins haters or non haters... VOTE.

  • ineptidude

    That's crazy. Maybe the developer really does want to stymie the popularity he's getting. I though it was just an act till now

    • Pray For Death

      It's too late. Nothing stops this train now

  • paulf58

    Feels like it handles better, moves smoother, etc. Very nice update. As for sharing - snap a shot. The old one just showed text anyway. I need an image for proof

  • falco

    Wow I have no words

  • thefropro

    No more pause button 🙁

  • rewind

    It's a little sad, he should've left it alone.

    Dong, why???

  • _the_escape_artist_

    This update sucks. It's what android users already had, I mean yeah, different birds and night and everything but it makes the game much easier. Just saying...

  • http://www.silentrocco.com/ Silent Rocco

    Please just make this stupid hype disappear. There are devs with real and good games who really deserve that much attention and money.

    • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

      Justin Bieber must make you REAL mad.

      • http://www.silentrocco.com/ Silent Rocco

        No, he and his marketing crew are business pros. Stupid (or too young to care) are only the people buying that crap. I enjoy investing my time in impassioned works like Threes! or Only One. Flappy Bird is just crap. Lazy crap.

      • Arcite

        One man's crap, is another's cupcake. 😉

    • heresandypandy

      It's hard to get angry at the dev since this popularity seemed to come as much a surprise to him as anyone else. Fair play to him for removing the intrusive ads and the sharing option, suggests to me that his intentions are sincere.

    • theorangeipod

      Mindless tapping games. Play die play die play die. Insanity

  • ryleylamarsh

    I don't like the new gradient used on the pipes. IM DONE WITH THIS GAME.... Till later this evening.

  • ryleylamarsh

    Wow. I just hit a 115 in my third try with the new update. Anyone else experience it being much easier? Perhaps the smoother frame rate helps.

    • TheSpanishAnnounceTable

      yeah i got 66 from my previous score of 41. pretty happy.

    • Chumbake

      Seemed easier to me too. Got 124 on my second try after updating. Only had 34 before the update. If the game isn't easier maybe it's mental.

  • Thor

    How do you get the old version back if you updated the old version to the new on iPod touch 4th gen

    • rewind

      You don't

  • Thor

    How do you get the old version back when you've updated it???

    • rewind

      You still don't

      • Chumbake

        Dying right now.

    • Kane

      Did you backup your old copy? If not... You're screwed.

  • witedahlia

    I liked the old version better simply because I liked the more pixel-y artwork style. It may also be easier, but my high score is still 2. 🙁

  • timb

    Old pipes remind me of SMB3. Perhaps he got a C&D from Mario & Company ?

  • hkgsulphate

    how did this game get so popular all of a sudden?

  • evilabdy

    Flappy bird reaaaally looks like a fish (cheep cheep) from Mario when red

  • marc0313

    So they basically brought it up to speed with the android version.

  • spokentruths772

    Android has been having this so what? And I thought TA was done with flappy bird OMG that's all you talk about there are better games out there

  • Taylor

    I hate the update so much. It ruined the game for me. Its too easy now.

    • rewind

      Doesn't matter, he's pulling the entire thing down anyway.

  • Holcman

    Just got new high score of 304 pretty happy.