Developer FarSight Studios have done a marvelous job of recreating dozens of classic real-world pinball tables in their Pinball Arcade [$0.99 / Free] game since early 2012. Now, according to an interview with the BBC (via Polygon), the studio is looking to create their own original pinball tables.

FarSight's vice president of product development Bobby King tells the publication that they've been in talks with "some of the famous pinball designers from the past" about developing these original tables. One of the key factors in this is that developing a table from scratch for a digital game is much less expensive than building a physical version. If they can create original tables that prove popular and fun in their Pinball Arcade game, then it could even make sense to create an actual physical version of those tables.

There's nothing like having a collection of all-time classic pinball tables in your pocket with Pinball Arcade, but it's interesting to think about what famed pinball table designers could do with brand new original table creations. As King says, "Those cost considerations [of the past] are irrelevant when machines are designed only to be built in the virtual world, so imagine what these guys could do if they were given carte blanche." It's an interesting prospect, and we'll be keeping an eye out for any more news from FarSight about them creating their own original pinball tables.


  • BaltimoreDave

    I have no interest in original tables. Other companies offer that and they are meh. I buy every table from these guys as they come out, but i will not support this, especially if its means not getting more classics.

    • somedumbgamer

      I'm on the same page. Love playing the digital versions of the real tables but am not too interested in "original" tables like zen or hd pinball offer

      • jhamdotme

        Original tables can be great. Pro Pinball will be coming out soon, and look at what Colour Monkey did with Revenge of the Rob-O-Bot.

    • bones boy

      Couldn't agree more. Probably will not purchase the original tables.

  • Professionalbum

    Me being a pinhead and a gamer in my early 40's, I grew up in the arcades. It's a great nostalgia factor and that's what sets them apart from Zen & Gameprom; it brings back a time capsule of what was big in the 70s, 80s & 90s.

    Yet I understand that those memories come at a cost-and that includes licensing fees. So I truly understand why Farsight would try this route. I just don't see it taking off as well as their digital reproductions. Time will tell...

  • Kane

    I'm not too keen on this idea, doesn't interest me. I like to see recreations of original tables; that's what sets farsight apart from Zen/gameprom. I'm mainly looking forward to their adult tables dubbed "pinball after dark" also if you're reading this FS... Please release the Gottlieb's - Street Fighter pinball table 🙂

  • coolwhip

    This is the only video pinball game that I play and I've purchased it on multiple systems. I do so because it offers classic real world tables. I have no interest in original tables and I will only purchase real tables as IAP. I feel that people who want original tables and hybrid pinball/video game tables have plenty of other choices. It is a shame if this developer doesn't understand what it is that makes Pinball Arcade so special. I certainly don't mind the addition of original tables (I don't have to buy them) but I hope it doesn't mean we will have fewer classics.

  • knownquantity

    If they're able to have some of the classic table designers on board for the design of their original tables, that's an interesting extension of what they've already been doing. I'm not so sure Stern would have any interest in producing mechanical versions though, unless Pinball Arcade is considering using licensed properties for some of their new digital tables. Stern sticks to licensed themes that already have built-in sales potential.