Is there no end to the Flappy Bird [Free] phenomenon? Flappy's crazy popularity has already spawned a silly video from developer Frogmind, where they put the blank-gazed bird through the meat grinder in a level from their own game Badland [$0.99]. Now the little guy has invaded the world of Minecraft thanks to the folks at CodeCrafted. They make some amazing Minecraft videos on their YouTube page, and their latest involves a playable game using a recreation of the pipe layouts found in Flappy Bird. Check it out.

Ok, so you actually play the game in first-person, which is sort of not Flappy Bird-ish at all, but it's still a really cool recreation. And, it keeps score, so you can compete with your friends and get endlessly frustrated just like you can in Flappy Bird. If you want to play this Flappy Bird recreation in your own copy of Minecraft, then head on over to the CodeCrafted page on Planet Minecraft and download it for yourself.


  • Kevin897

    God Damn it people.

  • nini

    Good, figured these two inexplicably popular games would make a baby sometime.

    • ikari_paul

      minecraft is really good. its the perfect sandbox game, and very fun, certainly no over-hyped fad
      you have to try it first. as far as flappy bird goes, never tried it

    • JPhilipp

      We've added an attribute "heavy" to your flying creatures in Manyland... very flappy flying characteristics!

  • ODMay

    I want a Flappy Bird beanie 😀

    • ODMay

      lmao, it won't last a week.

      • ODMay

        unless I can get a score of 30

  • Kane

    Embrace the game people, there's no escaping the flappy craze.

    • Olip96


    • Womble

      I actually tried, but the collision detection killed it for me.

  • falco

    Where the bird ? Anyway stop it!

  • darnoc703

    Lol. I Recreated it in Geometry dash. You can see it on the featured page 😀

  • Jetjet

    Is there a day here without talking about this game ? Even his creator wants to be left quiet !

  • waffer15

    This looks horrible, why would you feature this

    • Holcman

      Then go make a better one. This stuff isn't easy to make, ya know.

  • 5hift

    So this is a thing now...

  • spokentruths772

    Flappy bird this flappy bird that its getting really annoying

  • Taclys

    Please stop posting daily coverage on Flappy. Even if it's top of the free charts, no game deserves daily attention. Especially such a watered down, boring game.

  • Diaboliq

    People are so stupid

  • seti

    Hueta 😉