In case you weren't aware, there's a new Captain America movie hitting theaters this March, and unsurprisingly there will be a mobile tie-in game releasing right alongside it. Called Captain America: The Winter Soldier, the iOS and Android game will feature an original story co-written by Marvel which was inspired by the film itself. Gameloft is actually developing The Winter Soldier as a 3D character action game, with a really cool cel-shaded, comic book look to it. Check out the trailer.

Gameloft is no stranger to mobile game movie tie-ins, and for the most part they are known for creating pretty fun experiences that use the licenses well. I didn't even have the new Captain America movie on my radar, but the trailer for the mobile game looks pretty dang cool. The single-player campaign in The Winter Soldier will feature plenty of famous Marvel villains, and the multiplayer side will allow players to join clans and compete in leagues. I'm psyched to check it out, so look for Captain America: The Winter Soldier to hit iOS and Android right around the movie's launch on March 26th.

  • ODMay

    My guess is it's gonna be free-to-play just like that Thor game they made. /:

    • Jake7905

      A safe bet when you see "movie tie-in" and "Gameloft".

      • crunc

        A safe bet when you see "iOS game" these days, unfortunately.

      • Jake7905

        Nah, mostly just the games from the bigger companies. They've seemed to completely abandon the concept of a premium game. And we all know that movie "tie-in" really means movie "cash-in".

    • diaskeaus

      Looks like it might play similar to it as well.

    • Ryan

      This CA game won't be freemium actually ^.^

  • entik14

    Looks like "justice league" game

    • Themostunclean

      Exactly the first thing I thought too.

  • koryc

    Hopefully it won't be anything like Thor

  • dariusjr98

    The TA app didn't show the title article completely, so when I read that little section of the title, I immediately said "Gameloft." What do you know...

    • dariusjr98

      Minus one...for what?

  • eventide


  • ZarieoZ

    Is it freemium? The article didn't mention that, you always did before.

    I would definitely get it if it's not freemium.

    • Themostunclean

      Likely Gameloft hasn't released that info. The video didn't show any of the telltale signs (dual currencies in the UI, etc). It's a safe bet it will be though- every other Marvel game from Gloft has been. Also, any time a game is released on both iOS and Android, the chances of it being freemium double since Android is rife with game piracy and people who want everything for free.

    • Ryan

      Nope, not freemium (:

  • bashnasha

    Locks awesome 🙂

  • sivad

    Someone stop it... I Hate Gameloft... Pass it on to your friends

  • Eddy

    I miss Raven games like x-men legends and the first marvel one

  • johnpc121

    I miss the days Gameloft made premium games like Amazing Spiderman... Was hoping this would be like that but it seems it's more like that Thor game. At least Modern Combat 5 will be full... Hopefully.

    • Themostunclean

      Yeah, anything Gloft does that is meant to appeal to the "core" gamer is usually premium (MC, NOVA, Gangstar). Unfortunately as a movie tie in, their most likely trying to appeal to a broad audience with this game. 99% chance it will be free to play garbage like Thor.

    • Ryan

      Well Captain America: TWS won't be freemium.

  • josh nolan

    looks lame.... they did well with dark knight and spiderman but lately they have been dropping the ball... iron man 3 sucked as well as thor...

  • dribblejam

    Get rid of the comic POWs and Bams and I think it'll look great!

  • Taclys

    There have been almost no good movie tie-in iOS games, sadly. I know there are a couple, but I'm having a hard time remembering any.

  • surirav

    This not a game.
    Gameloft made these so called games to force money pay.
    The last vest game was asphalt 6.
    You pay few dollars or euros. And you can unlocked everything with no in app.

  • thestapler

    their movie games are always such junk but i don't care.

    whatever they make will be spent on asphalt 9.

  • bigjack66

    It looks like the last Spider-Man game. It was crap it was just the previous game in a free roaming environment. Recent big name games like Iron Man, Superman and Batman have all been crap freemium cashcows. Gloft makes good games they probably use the money from the freemium crap.

  • Devok

    Who cares free is free, you don't need to even pay anything, so stop your yapping, download it if dislike it, delete it, simple.

    • Ryan

      This game actually won't be freemium

  • hourglass

    Gameloft? Hell no.

  • mavx

    Looks like Freedom Force, though I doubt it'll have the parodic humor that made it great.