Just when you thought shower curtains and bathrobes were the pinnacle of Angry Birds cross-promotion saturation, today Rovio has unveiled a new partnership with the National Hockey League that sees the introduction of a new mascot born from the Angry Birds flock: HockeyBird. Billed as "a true symbol of the energy, intensity and joy of the game" HockeyBird will debut during select NHL Stadium Series games, which is a new initiative this season to hold professional hockey games in outdoor arenas. HockeyBird will host two different stadium games on the arena jumbotron, Slapshot and Slingshot, and his performance will be determined by how loudly the crowd cheers.

Ok, so this isn't related to any iOS games that we know of just yet, and pretty much everybody is sick of hearing Angry Birds this or Angry Birds that. But this strikes me as especially crazy that a little game that started life on the iPhone has grown to such an incredible level of popularity that there's now an NHL mascot based on the franchise. And, as Rovio points out on their blog, there is HockeyBird merchandise and videos in the pipeline so I'm not going to be at all shocked if he ends up with his own game eventually. I love hockey, but I just don't see how Angry Birds fits into the equation, but here we are. So, does anybody think that Angry Birds hysteria will let up any time soon?


  • Holcman

    2020: "The birds have taken over, I... I don't know what to do anymore. Oh no, they found me! Please, n-"

    • eugenemcardle

      Not until we grow up

      • igames


      • nini

        That's a solid never, good. May we never grow up, cynicism leads over there.

  • rewind

    Sounds like the NHL is not doing very well.

  • http://animaltrackers.wordpress.com/ DAiv Games

    I wish I had even 1% of their marketing budget... lol

  • thiagovscoelho

    Angry Birds isn't even a great game or anything.

  • falco

    I'm done with this... No more Angry birds, I will keep the first one on my device.

  • TrencH

    When I saw the title Hockey Bird I just started laughing out loud. When will it end? They got lots of money behind them so they could surprise me but the absurd amount of Angry Bird stuff is just too much.

    A little off topic but I can't find crossbows and catapults game anymore but you can find the cheap imitation of crossbows and catapults on the toy shelfs as a Angry Birds toy.

    There is just too much saturation of the name.


  • Deixa


  • gmattergames

    The Star Wars partnership was the peak for Angry Birds. The oddity of this cross-promotion is proof-positive that the hysteria has passed and Rovio is whoring their brand to the highest bidder. Now, if we were seeing Rovio partner with the likes of Coke, McDonald's, or some other premium brand, then I'd say they still have momentum.
    FYI: Just my opinion, and I may well be an idiot.

    • rewind

      Well the NHL is a pretty big deal. I just think this is the strangest place for AB to go next.

  • Kane

    Can't wait for Angry Birds: Kardashians

  • djstout

    I am done with Angry Bird, but I do want a proper Hockey game on IOS!

  • john doe

    Miami Angry Birds - new NHL team coming soon...

  • blakedaking

    Just think about it from a marketing side, it is a way to get kids more interested in hockey. I can see the angry birds Bruins, rangers, maple leafs, etc. merchandise now.

    I am not really sick of angry birds, just choose to look the other way.

  • Taclys

    I can't stop laughing at now ludicrous this is. I almost wonder if Rovio should get a little ironic with their marketing, kind of make a joke on themselves on how Angry Birds is everywhere. But until then, this is funny. Also very strange.