It's Wednesday morning, which means precisely one thing for iOS gamers: New games. For whatever reason, it's become the default day of the week to release things. Games appear in the New Zealand App Store, then slowly filter across the rest of the world's App Store regions before finally appearing for download in the US App Store at 11:00 PM Eastern.


It's a meager list so far, but last week a ton of games came out at weird times that fall outside of the typical release cycle… So even though there's only a few here, all hope is not lost for random surprise releases.

Of course we'll keep an eye on things and round up all the new releases tonight at 11:00 PM eastern, and this wouldn't be the first time we've needed to do two "Out Now" posts in the event that more games trickle out tomorrow as well.

  • xander134

    How will the number of releases affect today's Twitch stream? Are we doomed to more Flappy Bird?

  • blackout845

    Soo ummm are there any actual good games coming out tonight?

    • Donny K76

      Trip Trap

  • IdudItz

    FF VI pls

    • benadvanced


  • defunct32

    Oh, FFVI not part of the list? *goes back to sleep*.

    • ItouchBrett

      Ff? How about slayin update?

  • bigjack66

    In fear I trust looks like it might be good but the rest looks like the usual shovelware!

  • chamillion205

    Nothing good.... Guess I'll go back to shadow blade

    • bigrand1

      Yeah! Getting into that one right now myself! Only played it a few times so far, but I can see that I'll be spending a considerable amount of time with this game!

  • rich_952000

    I guess I should just give up on Turbo Dismount 🙁

    • Holcman

      Hey, it came out on Steam...

    • Bool Zero

      It's still in early access on Steam, meaning that it is a functional but not complete or even finished game as of yet. It's a good game with what they do have though an definitely hasn't entail to grow. Check it out over on Steam if interested!

  • khann

    Still no FTL

    • ItouchBrett


      • Goggles789

        Faster Than Light. It's some space sim strategy game where you command a ship and have to manage all the chaos that happens in individual rooms of said ship.

  • Boris Nguetie

    what the hell guys!!! dont you see In Fear I Trust?? forget about the fact its published by chillingo !

    • chamillion205

      File size is too big for me... I don't wana sacrifice that much space for a game that doesn't seem too interesting, I did look at it tho, just not for me

  • Deixa

    I remember a time when the AppStore was a place where you would spend ages searching for games and apps but in the past couple of years I spend 3 minutes tops.

    Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Angry birds, Cut the Rope, Temple Run, Point and click games, Slender, etc... it's just all the same old, same old crap.

    Over a million apps and games of the same rubbish. Apple made the iPhone 5S with top specs so that people can just make copies of Angry Birds for example? What's the point having a high end device these days when everything is just the same.

    • 61050

      couldn't tell 'ya, my 5c was free.

    • Themostunclean

      Repubique, Oceanhorn, Ninja Blade, Starborn Anarkist, GTAs, Max Payne, Ravensword 2' Final Fantasies, KotOR, tons more upcoming. I could go on for hours.

      Developers can't waste money making apps for just the latest hardware when that only accounts for about 10% of the iOS owning population. I fully expect my iPad Air not to be pushed to its limits for at least another couple of years. My iPad 2 took 3 years to get to the point where it was struggling.

      • Deixa

        Yeah there have been some decent games but they only come out once every six months. But I'm not just talking about that I'm talking about the excitement of new releases.

        I used to check TA everyday, I used to look forward to the "coming tonight" bit, now I hardly check it because it's just the same old releases

        Yes I can list a few decent games myself but there's probably now over a million apps and games and in that million there's probably 50 stuff that's worth downloading. And in that 50 most of it is old now. 2013 probably had about 5 games that was worth downloading. AppStore is dead and what killed it is the iAPs and timers (no let's not get into it but just saying)

      • Themostunclean

        All but one of the games I listed came out in 2013. More quality games are being released now than ever, there's no question about that. Of course more crap freemium games are being released now than ever as well. Just the nature of a growing mobile platform, my friend.

      • Diaboliq

        You barely check it, but just happened to check it today? C'mon we both know u check it every week

      • Deixa

        What's the difference between checking it today or some other time? At some point I'm going to check

    • Pray For Death

      You're playing the wrong games. I've been playing exclusively on the iPad for the past 6 months.

    • Graham Ranson

      Great games come out all the time, games that are more innovative, unique, and fun, then you could possibly imagine. The only problem is that they don't have any marketing behind them so they never appear in the top 10 lists. They are still there, forever lost ( no self plug intended ) in the labyrinth that is the app store.

  • FivepastTA

    What the hell is a "remenant"?

  • falco

    Dude we can't always have good games, It take times to makes great games you know.

  • Tino11

    I want fright fight, 2nd chance heroes or battleheart legacy to finally come out. Guess i am out of luck.

    • melvincholy2010

      I have fright fight already:-P gotta love canadian soft launches

      • Tino11

        Yeah, you guys are lucky. We in Europe are waiting still.

  • Tino11

    Fright fight, 2nd chance heroes any chance?

  • Bloodangel

    Still no out there or dungelot 2 🙁

  • Ramaz1234

    Nothing good tonight, except Slayin update hopefully. Im going to go sleep.