A strange trailer came across our desks here at TouchArcade today, and caught our attention. The trailer is for a game called Barmark, the first project by Swedish developer Stormhatt Studios. So what is Barmark? I… don't know. It's classified as a point-and-click adventure, but with "no goals, no points and no death." Sound strange? I thought so too. The developer provides a bit more cryptic description: "Wander through stunning landscapes; immerse yourself within the amazing visuals and sounds of nature. Find harmony by forging your own environments, creating worlds to achieve personal perfection. Experience the calming world, and alter it to your liking." Check out the trailer.

The visuals and music definitely set a haunting mood in Barmark, and it gives me a heavy Sword & Sworcery vibe. I'm really intrigued by the thought of no goals, and simply changing around the environment to "achieve harmony and personal perfection" as Stormhatt puts it. Barmark is set for a spring release barring any sort of complications, and I'm more than a little interested to get my hands on it and see what it's all about.

  • Kevin897

    Looks interestin

  • ConraDargo

    Barmark... Wait, Barmark?! Lol that's so funny if you're a Sweden XD (bare ground)

    • ConraDargo

      Sometimes I curse this auto correction feature; it's supposed to be "Swede" not Sweden -_-'

    • Skabbmask

      Well, Stormhatt Studios is a Swedish developer and it is actually named after "bare ground" 😉

  • one.sixty.four

    Looks good. Definitely similar to SB:S&S.

  • 21tigermike

    Appreciate the new style. Please don't be Tim Burton-esque.

  • funny_man_vanya

    Looks like a combo of year walk and superbrothers

  • Zaraf

    Gameplay looks ok, but I'm not really digging the weird art direction. I hope enough people like it that the game does well though. We need more games like these.