Back in September, developer Sky Tyrannosaur (awesome name) announced a new iOS project they had been working on for over a year, called Blowfish Meets Meteor. Their aim was to create a hybrid of brick-breaker and side-scrolling platformer, an odd but intriguing blend of genres. You can see what the brick-breaking portion of Blowfish Meets Meteor is like in this early gameplay reveal from September.

Brick-breakers are a dime a dozen on the App Store, but I have to say that what's shown in this early preview looks really well done. I'm interested to see how the platforming elements play into the whole thing, but I imagine the game has come a long way since this video was made. In fact, it sounds like Blowfish Meets Meteor is all finished up, as the developers have announced in our forums that it's set to release for iPhone and iPad on Valentine's Day (that's February 14th in case you didn't know). My interest is piqued, so we'll take a closer look at Blowfish Meets Meteor as it gets closer to release.

  • Kevin897


  • rich_952000

    Yes, the "brick-breaking" genre has had damn near every iteration known to mankind on iOS. There have been some really bad ones and also some really good ones (Anodia). This looks super-polished and has me ready to see some more gameplay. Here's hoping that it comes equipped with online leaderboards and achievements.

    • Sky Tyrannosaur

      Sure does!

      • rich_952000

        Well then..insta-buy!

  • bigrand1

    This looks cool to me! Be buying this right away!

  • genie77

    Will be interesting to see what sets this apart from Wizorb.