LogoIt's Friday afternoon, and what better way to round out the week than spend it streaming some weird games on Twitch.tv? Doing this has been a ton of fun, and the community we're starting to cultivate over there has been absolutely incredible so far.

So here's how this works: Sign up for Twitch if you haven't already, follow the TouchArcade channel, and get in chat to tell me what games you want to see played. If it works with my capture hardware, and it's available in the App Store, I'll get it and play it. Alternatively, if you just want to watch, the video is below.

Update: Stream is over, here's the video. It might take a while to show up properly on YouTube-

Games Played:

  • rewind

    Just made a twitch. It's 'docrewind' just in case you feel like following an emty page

  • LarryWP

    These live videos have really been great! Thanks Eli. Everyone has added to the fun and I hope you do these more. 🙂

  • rewind

    Nice haircut

  • Earth Vs. Me

    This is the first I've heard of Twitch TV. Not really sure what to make of it yet.

    I've been noticing a lot of requests for TA Plays right here in the TA comments and forums, so I'm not sure why there's a need for readers to register with another site to request videos. Then again I'm a guy who doesn't even use Facebook, so there you go.

    • Patt

      Well registering on twitch, and watching Eli play live will allow you to say 'play Flappy Bird' and Eli will do it! Right then and there. Wait....... Maybe don't bother.....

      • rewind

        Flappy Bird is stupidly addicting.

  • Geertyy

    I just watched the part of the stream I missed. I really like to watch you play games, but I have one suggestion. Maybe you could play a certain game like Asphalt 8 or Oceanhorn in every single stream, so we actually see you complete certain games instead of just playing the first little part of a game.