Bossa Studios, creators of the "100-percent medically inaccurate" simulation game Surgeon Simulator 2013, revealed this past September that they were very interested in bringing their game to the iPad, and even had a quickly thrown together version up and running on a tablet at the time. They also mentioned having new ideas for the game, one of which involved giving a patient a "tooth transplant." Well, today the studio has released a very brief trailer showing just a tiny glimpse of what this sort of dental surgery might be like.

Based on the description in the video, it sounds like the iPad version will be dubbed Surgeon Simulator - Malpractice Makes Perfect and that the dentistry will just be a new addition to the regular Surgeon Simulator 2013 offering, made specifically for the iPad version. No word on if this new content will eventually make its way to other platforms, or what else is in store for the iPad version of the game. But seeing as back in September Bossa Studios was shooting for getting the game out on the iPad before the end of the year, I have a feeling its release is not too far off. We'll let you know once we hear more.

  • Pocketnova

    Awesome! I can't wait to play this. I played the steam version and absolutely sucked at it, so I'm very excited to fail again!

    • MkRwilliams

      The amount of determination in tht comment was over 9000....

      You sir, derserve my like. Have it

  • nimu

    Tiny glimpse?
    More like microscopic

    • YourAverageDude

      Your jests are infallible

  • MachineJXD

    I want my hands on it can't wait

  • zergslayer69

    Going to be interesting to see how they implement controls since surgeon simulator had quite a few things going on for one hand.

  • Bool Zero

    Awesome! A double down just for the shear hilarity the Steam version has brought me!