Square Enix's Final Fantasy VI was up there with our most anticipated games of 2013, and it would seem that it's closer than we think to releasing. It hit the Google Play store this morning which could indicate a surprise release on iOS at some point today. Either way, if you had any bets on the pricing of FF6, it seems that Squeenix settled on $15.99 for the most classic of all classic Final Fantasy titles.


This is one of the ultra-rare times that Android gets something earlier than iOS, so if you've got an Android device and you're planning on giving this a download, swing into the comments and let us know how the port is. Otherwise, I'm going to be watching the App Store like a hawk today and will post the second there's any sign of Final Fantasy VI on our side of the fence.

  • speedyph

    HAHAHAH watching like a hawk Eli

  • ste86uk

    You know I'm ashamed to say I've only ever played two of them I'm sure one was 7 and the other 10 possibly. Guess we are a while off those!

    • Gabriella Creighton

      FF7 is already being hyped as their next iOS release.

      • Inaba-kun

        Those 320x240 pixel resolution FF7 backgrounds are going to look brutal on an iPad screen. Re-rendering them may not be at all easy given the vintage of the game.

      • RampageDeluxe

        Then you missed when Square said it would take years and probably never happen.

  • Joe Welke

    I never had the chance to play VI, so I'm looking forward to seeing what all the hubbub's about.

  • TurboRuhland

    Still in the fence about this one. I can play this anytime I want on my SNES. I don't have any way to play the GBA version right now but I own that at as well. I'll probably end up picking this up on sale.

    Does anyone know what translation it uses? Is it just the GBA version with different graphics?

    • HansKaosu

      made it less grindy. reworked the combat a little. new graphics. remixed music etc

    • Gabriella Creighton

      It uses the new translation, not the Woosley. It's pretty enhanced with extras including achievements, a bestiary, a hint system if you get lost, etc.

      If you want the real original version and have a Wii, it's on the Virtual Console.

  • zergslayer69

    Would have preferred a 3D remake BUT nonetheless, for those who haven't played 6, take a moment and step away from the FF7 and newer series and try to experience this one for it's story. It has evolved a lot from the original ones where it's just "save crystal, defeat bad guy, the end". Huge cast too.

  • Brandon

    This is the best FF!

  • RellekWVU

    I'm not seeing it on the Play Store. I'm on the east coast USA if that makes any difference?

    • RellekWVU

      False alarm, game found.

  • Jason Flor Flook

    Glad they went with 2d graphics, as 3d graphics age horribly. Also happy they updated monster and background graphics, as they look clean and good.

    Unhappy they are sticking with the big head character models from FFD & FFV.

    • jamesgecko

      The original game had big head character models. For the HD graphics they just increased the sprite size and drew on top of them.

      • Jason Flor Flook

        It's worse in this SS. And FFV/FFD. I am sure they could have done something, but to be honest, it's small potatoes to complain about. Just happy this is coming out.

    • TJF588

      I was iffy going in to FFV after having played the Advance version, but aside from the stiff walk/stance (which I suppose was true of the pixel art, but the less-defined nature of those doesn't make it so apparent), I was fine with them.

      Still, I'll be waiting on a sale. After dumping $25 on FFVI Advance and still only've gotten as far as Locke's path of the first party split, I'm okay with biding my time a bit Moore.

      • visualplayer

        Very punny.

  • curtisrshideler

    So excited to dig into this one! Probably going to wait for a couple weeks til I can put it on my birthday iPhone, as I don't want to start it on this old phone... Plus it'll make my birthday all the better. I've waited so long; what's another couple weeks?

  • Himmat Singh

    The first few in the series took ages to get to Android...and now the tables have finally(?) turned! 🙂

    • 21tigermike

      There's no Quality Control/App vetting on the Play Store. Apple screens apps before putting them on the store. That's why.

      It's actually incredibly clumsy of Square to do it this way. They should just get them both out on the same day by waiting until the iOS version is available. It's incredibly simple to set the date of release (once Apple has approved).

      Anyway, I'm guessing the Android version is free?

      • SuperMario7

        sort of, it's basically some super harsh DRM Square has implemented which means paying customers with a rooted device can't play the game...apparently it's an anti piracy measure but it seems to only punish legitimate paying customers as pirates will get hold of a dodgy "patched" version that bypasses this. You honestly cannot make this kind of stuff up, as it's crazy behaviour from Square, because there's technically no reason why this game shouldn't run on those phones

      • Onikage725

        Thanks for this. Saved me a download (though if it didn't load, I would have refunded). Waiting on the ios release.

      • visualplayer

        Apple screens apps? Really? Then why so many apps which are duds or don't do what they claim? I think they certainly screen the big releases but all things arent created equal...

      • Onikage725

        I think he means that if they submitted both versions at the same time, it would arrive on the Play Store quickly whereas Apple has an approval process. My money is on a surprise late week launch, or next week. Unless they have bugs to iron out for ios, or some marketing reason to grant android a window (which seems unlikely).

  • Nekkedsnake

    just get a SNES emulator and the roms and play away

    • Goggles789

      Just support the developers hard work and time invested in making a great game available on another great platform.

      • http://entrepreneurialblog.com Niclas Johansson

        While I agree with you in point, do you really think the original dev team will get royalty from these sales?

      • Goggles789

        I wouldn't know! I'm talking about whatever existing developer team that is working on the current installment of the game.

    • Inaba-kun

      Except of course, that if you don't own a SNES and the original cartridge, then you are a thief.

      Theft is never acceptable. Never. Not a difficult concept.

  • defunct32

    My love for this game is hot and cold, initially excited then interest wane then now that it's out or almost, am feeling excited all over again! Eventually I'll still give my $ at SE though, now Square, get the game on the App store if you want my dollars!

  • mkdms14

    Too bad it probbaly won't come out tomorrow. Since it is not even in. The New Zealand App Store which always gets this stuff first.

  • SuperMario7

    Hmm dilemma, not sure whether to get this for my iPhone 5 or Nexus 7 tablet, I've never played FF6 but all I've heard are good things about this so I'm definitely thinking of buying it. I don't mind getting games on the Nexus but quality control is non-existent on Google Play, I've paid for games that have come out such as Detective Grimoire which were broken on Android 4.4 at launch which is ridiculous considering that Android 4.4. was like 2 months old by then(eventually the dev fixed it), I also ended up paying for GTA San Andreas on day one and that was crashtastic until Rockstar decided to fix it a few days later. I also paid for The Cave and that's still broken too.

    Not to mention Namco releasing Soul Caliber, taking everyones money and then coming out with a message saying it's not compatible with Android 4.4 a week later, and then fixing the damn thing a month later, all these games came out well after 4.4 launched as well. A lot of these devs can't even be arsed making games compatible on latest versions of stock Android on Nexus hardware which is supposedly meant for developers to test stuff on in the first place.

    Not surprised that people don't pay for stuff on Android considering the experiences I've had, yeah we we get issues on iOS (like that Sega game last week) but I'm experiencing a near 80% failure rate on newly released games when buying from Google Play, eventually they get fixed but that first week is frustrating as hell

    • mclifford82

      Well right now you can only get it one place, and there isn't official word that's actually going to change soon. I hope it does though, I want this game inside me again for the first time.

    • greatnoob

      Armor Games are publishers, you basically made the publishers push the developers to release a fix.

  • MrAlbum

    Good point. So digital piracy is like code counterfeiting, I.e. making a copy of some program of value in the hope that the copy is mistaken for the original?

    • DrRealTalk

      Not quite, because you're copying the code for your own use, rather than trying to pass it off to make a profit or whatever. It's more akin to photocopying a classmate's textbook rather than purchasing it legitimately... except, in this case, the original textbook is out of print.

  • ImJPaul

    Please just randomly show up today. Pleasssseeeeee

  • HansKaosu

    This looks fantastic. Looks like they improved my fav FF game.

  • DanKetch

    Soooo excited for this! I have every incarnation of FFVI, this is the best of the series. The characters are intriguing, the story is well written, the music is amazing. This game was so great I went and got a Mog tattoo on my bicep.

  • benadvanced

    Looking forward to this game! Hope the controls for Sabins moves carry over well.

  • Revognah

    I have the next two days off, fingers crossed on a midnight release!

  • rewind

    Now I don't want to whine about a $16 game but seriously? In today's day and age, they aren't going to sell a lot for $16. The game is great but it's old. I wish someone would make an emulator for this just to knock some sense into Square's head.

    • stdizzie

      Not only are you whining about a $16 dollar game, you're trying to stop people (who are the biggest fans of this game) from paying for a great game. Don't you think we all know we can emulate this game? If you care about good games continuing to be made you would contribute to this company and keep them thriving. Don't forget where the name "final fantasy" came from, because I don't want this company to hit that point again. You don't deserve to play this game, chump.

      • rewind

        Typical response.

      • athros

        Typical Response

  • http://www.onebagtravel.com/ OneBagTravel

    That on an iPad...GIGGITY

  • Mister Bump

    WTF is that mess?? They've replaced the classic sprites with some horrible, washed out MS Paint garbage! Jesus fucking Christ. I wouldn't play that if you paid me! That's akin to the fucking Star Wars Special Edition BS.

  • mgs2ss

    These graphics look horrendous. They should have either stuck with the original, beautiful sprites, or gone full 3D. Downloading it on my Nexus 7 now, but I'm very unhappy about the way they butchered the graphics.

  • John

    Can anybody check did they throw up something?
    The ffiv after years reworked the depths and I can't follow the walk through with a question stuck in my head.Where is the tentacle monster?