LogoUnless you've not paid attention to gamer culture online for the last couple of years now, you're likely fully aware of just how much live streaming games services like Twitch have exploded in popularity. Well, I play a ton of iOS games anyway for TouchArcade, so it only makes sense to go the extra step and plug my iPad into my computer and stream 'em.

I'm going to be fiddling with the format of our Twitch stream quite a bit, so don't consider this a final product by any stretch of the imagination. Rather, just a slight evolution of the TA Plays formula. If you want to follow our Twitch stream, be sure to head over to our Twitch.tv channel and hit the "Follow" button.

In the meantime, I've got it embedded below. By default the sound is turned all the way down, so be sure to slide the volume to the right if you want to get game audio. If you want to request a game, sign in to the chat and let me know what you want to see played.

UPDATE: Thanks for watching everyone, here's the videos from the stream if you want to watch from the beginning.

  • rewind

    Cool beans

  • vicsark

    Well, that was fun 🙂

  • PSquared

    Love you guys. Love twitch. Followed and planning to watch as often as you stream.

  • scrotally

    Love Touch Arcade and live streaming. Look forward to checking this out soon.

  • bernanke

    Great!!! Watchin' live!!!

  • Bool Zero

    I feel odd for being interested in Twitch; I'm almost 40 after all. I feel like its a younger guys thing to be into, but I have to admit that there is a certain appeal to watching live stream of gamers as they play and lay down commentary in the process! Often times when I have some work to do, I'll pop out my iPad and throw my Xbox One on to Twitch and listen to and watch some streams rather than have Cable on... And find myself totally distracted because I'm laughing, watching and commenting on the gamers tactics (yes, I talk to my TV sometimes!)

    Anyway, I'm not trying to turn this into a blog, just thought I'd comment since its a trend I have been following myself just recently; I thought it wouldn't appeal but gave it a shot and found that its quite fun, so maybe others will check out Twitch as well!

    I'll definitely be adding the TA Twitch stream to my followed channels! I look forward to whatever games (and snarky commentary) you guys have in store for us!

  • falco

    Excellent new I will follow 🙂

  • apgeorge69

    Turning 40 this year and can't wait to see another live show from you guys. TA plays rules.

  • clompah

    That's what Eli looks like.

  • Isaacquartz

    Great initiative!

  • hakamhakam

    This is awesome ios devices are probably the most fun to live stream since it's so easy to switch from one game to another. Definitely do more of this.

  • 7lilwhitewolf7

    Thought id join the party. Ill b turning 40 thiz yr az well 7 wit thingz like thiz in videogaming adding more water to the fountain of youth, ill never grow old. Shame on you TA!