This is turning out to be a pretty weird week for iOS releases. Everyone tried so hard to be in the huge onslaught of pre-Christmas games, and now that we're outside of that we're looking at this measly list of games. But, that's alright. We're super stoked for Jet Car Stunts 2, so I don't mind that taking up all of my time.

Here's what's out so far, and we'll add to this in the event that other stuff randomly pops up:


Feed Me Oil 2, $2.99 - Forum Thread

Channel oil into the gaping jaws of surreal living worlds in Feed Me Oil 2, the sequel to the groundbreaking and genre-defining Feed Me Oil.

Guide gallons of the stuff around a series of mind-bending mechanical designs using new and improved physics. Watch as the oil moves realistically around each level and through the air, water and along ice in four fun-filled chapters.


Jet Car Stunts 2, Free - Forum Thread

Sequel to the award winning Jet Car Stunts.

WARNING: This game will challenge you.

- Crazy stunt driving on outlandish courses.
- Insane jumps.
- Ludicrous speeds.
- Manic car handling.
- Outrageous jet physics.


Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, $4.99 - Forum Thread

Race as Sonic and a host of legendary All-Stars and prepare to transform! Speed across land, sea and air in a high velocity battle to the finish line, as your amazing transformable vehicle changes from car to boat to plane mid-race. Racing on mobile will never be the same again!

Race as 10 legendary racers at launch each with their own unique transformable vehicle. Plus many more All-Stars coming soon!

  • HandsomeLuke

    Feed Me Oil 2 And Jet Car Stunts 2 for me.

  • Ramaz1234

    Picked up all 3.

  • Ramaz1234

    Picked up all 3 😀 and maybe Warhammer. Quest as well

  • h_A_Z

    Most boring week ever

    • Th3R3n3gad3

      You kidding me?

    • C. Stubb

      Burn the Witch!

      • CandyCaneNJ

        It's called respecting another person's opinion. We are entitled to have different thoughts

      • nini

        .... Burn the other witch!

      • StealthDawg


      • lll Anubis lll

        Haha, you two cracked me up. This is why I love TA

      • C. Stubb

        transitive verb
        : to engage in good-humored fooling or horseplay — often used with around
        Other forms: kid·ded; kid·ding
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        First use: circa 1873

      • CandyCaneNJ

        Uh huh

    • ste86uk

      I completely agree, nothing I want here. Saves me some money after Christmas though! Tried the first Jet Car stunts lite and didn't like it but I'll try the second. Feed me oil I played the first and liked it but it never made me want to come back so I just stopped playing. Slightly interested by sonic but the price and IAP are putting me off for now. I still just want Battleheart Legacy and Dungelot 2

      • Geertyy

        My feelings exactly

  • C. Stubb

    Wow, I feel as if I've waited years for this!

    Oh wait...

  • Pete Osborne

    Some that weren't released today but still this week or during the freeze so weren't mentioned:

    Endless Nights (69p/99c) [U] - Roguelike from the creator of Endless Depths.
    Loot Hero (69p/99c) [U] - Slayin-esque casual RPG. Makes up for shallowness with wonderful pixel art.
    UsagiMan (Free, no ads/IAPS) [U] - Surprisingly good MegaMan inspired platformer with a unique control scheme.
    Hoplite (£1.49/$1.99) [U] - Brutal strategic roguelike with everything going for it. I will plug this game till my dying days, honestly one of my favourite iOS games of all time.

    Good to have these posts back. I'm off to play Hoplite. Have I mentioned it's really good? 😛 Happy new year peoples

    • Pete Osborne

      And Third Epoch Rising (Free) [iPhone] - Stylish 4X game that has taken the forums by storm

    • Pandabunny

      With 'roguelike' do you mean like '100 Rogue'?

      • Pete Osborne

        Essentially, yes. Sorry, sometimes I get a bit over-excited and forget not everyone knows the jargon. Simplifying it - Roguelikes are fast, simple and generally difficult RPGs. Sword of Fargoal, 100 Rogues and Dungelot are probably the most well-known iOS examples.

        There's a lot more detail to it and I'm sure the purists will jump on me for it but that's the basics. One of my favourite genres 🙂

      • jamesgecko

        The defining characteristics are mostly randomly generated levels and permadeath. But yes, short and difficult tend to go along with that. 🙂

      • Pandabunny

        Thanks :), now I know what it means - actually even touch arcade used the term today on their review for the game.

    • xx99

      Dude, I grabbed Hoplite on your recommendation. What a freaking cool game. Reminds me of the upcoming Auro from Dinofarm games, but it seems even more streamlined. I love the elegance — lots of strategic depth arises from pretty simple mechanics.

      • Pete Osborne

        That honestly makes my day, so glad someone else is enjoying it. It's amazing how a game can be punishing, accessible, strategic yet simple all at the same time and it's so addictive. Cheers for the heads up on Auro too, I'm going to be watching that very closely!

      • vicsark

        Pocket Tactics just published an article on Hoplite, it does seem great. Added on my shopping list 😉

  • metalmandave83

    Steam sale is still going if anyone wants to buy a real game.

    • pillzhereish

      Hmm... no, I think we'll be alright.

  • loophole

    Just got jet car stunts and it's sick!

    • loophole

      Played about an hour of jet car stunts (with the mega pack) and while it's super addicting I was disappointed with a few aspects. Mostly with the level editor. Maybe I just haven't dove deep or learned enough of it, but it seems way too simple. It seems like there is no room for creativity which is a let down:( also, question: I have the mega pack yet I can't figure out how to save my levels and publish them.

      A multiplayer would have been a killer advantage feature over the first one as well.

      But other than that this game is definitely worth checking out! The levels that you get when you pay the $5 for the mega pack are way better than the levels of the first jet car stunts. So far, this game feels like an improvement over he first.

      • trueaxis

        To save your level, you have to play through it, at which point you get the save option. Then you can load the level in the user level menu and click the upload button.

      • tomj315

        I really loved the first jet car stunts, and I think that I'm going to spent hours upon hours playing this sequel.

        But it's been FIVE YEARS since the first game released.

        Honestly, I expected more, if you're really working on this game five years.

        So maybe you can think about it in the upcoming five years until you will release the third game.

      • postmodernpilot

        Damn dude...

      • trueaxis

        Well, it has been closer to 4 years since JCS1 was released, and we spent the first year on updates, and ports before getting started on JCS2, Then we had 2 other titles we released, and we were reduce to only one person for a time so we definitely haven't been working on it full time for 5 years, plus we had to write our own server code this time. However JCS2 has had a lot more effort go into it then the original, and a lot more people work on it, and has massively more content and is better value for money. Even the free content takes up more storage space then the entire original game. I don't many people will play through the entire hard set of levels.

        I suspect the third will be more then 5 years. I think we would update the current version instead. Anyway, time will tell.

      • loophole

        Thanks for the response!

  • derkoi

    JCS2 plays really well with the MOGA ace power although I wish you could reconfigure the controls as the button layout is a bit weird compared to other racing games.

  • Onikage725

    I want to grab Sonic but A) it's huge and B) they just gave it to me free on Vita thanks to PS+. I had to delete Soul Sacrifice to fit it though :/
    1st World Problems

  • Heavnsix

    Man I was really hoping baldurs gate 2: EE would release! I have the impatience of Lloth!

  • Andi

    Warning: Feed me Oil 2 has included the annoying spyware from EA. You can only start the game if you accept a contract from EA which allows them to collect a lot of data (like ip & mac address, hardware id, "personal data", email, mobile number etc.). I do not want to give EA my data so the only choice I had was to delete the game. That is disappointing. Thanks EA!

    • JD214

      Thanks for the heads up, thought of buying the game since I liked the first game, I'll pass now.

  • AJShadowz

    I dont even care that nothing came out that I like. I'm still on San Andreas and KOTOR.

  • Inaba-kun

    Blimey Sonic looks rough on iOS. I've played the PC version (60fps) and the Xbox version (20-30fps) and both are pretty nice looking games. The iOS version looks to be based on the Vita version, which used dramatically cut back assets. It's gone from looking like a last gen title, to looking like something from the Dreamcast era, or worse, borderline N64 territory.

    Modern iOS hardware can handle so much better than this.

    • B3nlok

      You are right about that. You can bet it has more to do with Appstore economy than tech boundaries. To give you some perspective, currently A7 G6430 benchmark slightly above Intel hd 2000 iGPU on GfxBench, scoring 26 fps vs 18-23 fps. On YT videos hd 2000 managed to run sonic with all bells and whistles at 25-30 fps.

      As long as ios users are unwilling to pay a more reasonable price for full titles (something like $20) , publishers are not gonna let you enjoy the full experience, be it in graphics, gameplay or content. It would devalue the whole AAA $60 games industry. Even on TA the vast majority are not willing to pay more than $5 for a full fledged console game.

      • C. Stubb

        Nice analytics. It's nice to see folks who know their stuff in the comments section.

  • JD214

    Those IAP's in Sonic are ridiculous. It's already a $4.99 game for Christ's sake!

  • Lightning Storm

    I'm surprised by it, but jet car stunts 2 actually runs decent on iPod 4 😀 and it's not half bad!

    • C. Stubb

      The original JCS ran perfect on the OG iPod touch, so it's not surprising. Designing great games that don't grind up processing power is a trend in the True Axis games.

  • eventide

    Hoping for FF6 before 2014 but oh well.

  • Brennan_Bryar

    Wow Jet Car Stunts is a total masterpiece you should be real proud of yourselves.
    its not intimidatigly good its humblingly great fun good !!
    Instant loading on everything
    Hotwheels for this generation ! and standing on its own.
    Furthering the state of the art of games overal with straight forward systems nicely tied together [quality level editor, top10 replays and ghostraces, daytona, tony hawks, jet car stunts, wipeout styles of play...] via consistent menu and great level design.
    Hope this makes the longterm sales it so generously deserves.
    You've truly outdone yourselves !!
    I dont understand my old iphonenl4 doesn't even get warm when playing perplexing given how involved both me and the phone get in the game.
    Its soooo elegant !!!!

  • Lightning Storm

    So now that I've got to play it for a by, JCS2 is really good, especially at free. You need to IAP a lot of the game, but it's optional and everything costs $5 total, which to me is entirely worth it. If you've tried it but don't like it, you have never flown the Jet Car 🙂

  • ThaliaKleio

    Hmmm, Jet car stunt looks pretty good to me . Might have to give it a try 🙂