One of the fun things about Angry Birds exploding back in mid-2010 is that by late 2010 everyone was looking for new angles to cover the hottest game in the universe. Wired's Rhett Allain took the challenge of analyzing the physics of Angry Birds, and came up with some neat findings. Using video tracking software and using physics formulas he figured out that the slingshot in Angry Birds would need to be 5m tall, with the red bird being 70cm tall.

He's back at it again, this time with Angry Birds Go. Using a method of video analysis similar to looking at the Mars Curiosity landing video, Rhett Allain figured out the following:

For the first jump in my test video, the car traveled 40.6 meters (as reported by the game) and it took 0.95 seconds. This gives a speed of:

Screen Shot 2013-12-30 at 12.23.43 PM

If you like different units, the speed is 95.6 mph. Zoom. Faster than I would have thought. Well, in my test video, I have two more jumps. Using the same idea, I get speeds of 44.90 m/s and 55.50 m/s.

He's got some other interesting stuff over in his article, including that tracks are around a mile long, and the hills you're flying down are actually only at a 5 degree incline. The article ends with a series of questions, including whether or not the game simulates air resistance. I'm not good enough at math to figure any of this out, but I'm glad someone is.

  • Bill Do

    It's a bird riding a cart.

    Does it really matter how fast there going?

    • Eli Hodapp

      Apparently enough to leave a comment on the internet about how little you care?

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  • tomj315

    Wow, this guy is really bored

  • Taclys

    I'm mixed between fascination and disregard. I love physics and science, but really don't care about angry birds. Neat article though, I wouldn't mind seeing more science-y posts.

  • GiHubb

    Wow. It's still crap.

  • Tizz986

    Impressive, but can he calculate the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

    • Mess

      What do you mean? African or European swallow?

      • MkRwilliams

        I mean Pokèmon god dammit!

      • Intendro

        I don't know that!

  • spockgold007

    Unfortunately that physics "work" isn't actually correct. That gives his average speed, which is different than instantaneous...

  • COHagan23

    I'm kind of an Angry Birds -hater, but found this article wickedly amusing enough to DL and play the game.

  • daniel5457

    Big whoop

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    hypotenuse. hypotenuse. hypotenuse. hypotenuse. What a silly word. Right up there with squab. Squab hypotenuse. Squab hypotenuse. They make me chuckle

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    Some people have too much time on their hands...