Holiday Sale full sizeThe holidays are a wonderful time of the year for iOS gamers looking to score a ton of great games on the cheap. Due to most games these days being either free or a buck anyway, this year's sales weren't quite as impressive as previous years, but there's still some pretty great deals to be had.

We already posted about Sega dropping the price of the Sonic games to a dollar, loads of Final Fantasy stuff on sale, a bunch of EA sales, and other random great discounts. The real place to be though, is Hoggy110's Xmas Holiday Sale 2013 Roundup Thread where every deal has been meticulously listed for your perusal. Additionally, our price drop forum even has its own threads for some of the bigger stand out sales.

holidayshutdown13This year's iTunes Connect Holiday Shutdown took place between December 21st through today, December 27th. The whole reason all of these price drops have essentially been locked in for the past week is because developers are unable to change them. With iTunes Connect down, the whole back-end that developers use to makes changes to their apps is inaccessible. That's not going to be the case very soon when the freeze is over.

If you've been putting off downloading any of the games on sale, the clock is ticking, and they'll very likely return to full price in the very near future as soon as developers can get back in to iTunes Connect.

  • Ramaz1234

    So the 28th does that start the 2014 gaming year?

    • pillzhereish

      I think it'll rather start January 2th with the release of JET CAR STUNTS 2!!

      • BlueFalcN

        January 2th?
        The hell?

      • houseofg

        You don't name your teeth?

      • BlueFalcN

        I see what you did there

  • koryc

    Where's brother in arms 3 I thought it would be available before the end of the year,same for trials

  • speedyph

    HAPPY HOLIDAYS ELI , JARED, an Mickey shorts from podcast

  • Chicknstu

    Just to let you know, "I am Level" is going to be in sale until the new year (1st Jan) at 69p

  • postmodernpilot

    I WANT JCS 2!!!

  • Luigi_Mario

    Several games like Skulls of Shogun changed prices during this "freeze." I'm not sure that developers are really locked out from making price changes until tomorrow.

    • dragon2777

      Developers are locked out but I can set a date range for pricing on my game. So if I wanted it on sale only christmas I could set that date range and even with me not being able to get back in the price would change.

  • Broli95

    No release date for The Collectables?

  • Bruj

    Still trying to figure out why Merchant to the Stars went up to $19.99

    • theryanlilo

      Wow heckuva price jump!

    • Pray For Death

      Because then they can have that massive $19 off discount on appshopper

  • LORE

    Do you think merchant to the stars is still worth it at 20 bucks?

    • Jake7905

      Is that a serious question? I'm not even sure if it's worth a buck.

  • Earth Vs. Me

    I spent around 50$ on iOS games during the sale, and now have games to keep me occupied for the next 4 months. I can't wait till next Christmas.

  • owen

    I got a Sony Vita for Christmas and it made me realise how much time and money I've been wasting trying to play iOS games with 'virtual controls'. I look at the games in these sales, most of which I've bought in the past, and so many of them turned out to be such a frustrating compromise.

    • Zendorphin

      ^What games do you have?

      Instant Game Collection helps hugely (5 Vita titles and 1 PSP title across Dec and Jan: Jan already available) as does the Playstation Plus discounts - have purchased NFS Most Wanted super cheap (gah...going to take me so long to progress...good having a portable open world NFS title though), Virtua Tennis World Tour, Wipeout 2048, Motorstorm RC and Killzone Mercenary...fantastic games.

      Loving the Vita.

    • elhawk3

      I'm not sure about wasted money on iOS games. Ever since I found TOuch Arcade I've been getting games when they go on sale. A lot of times they are either free or a steal at 99 cents. Now compare that to let's say a PSP or VITA game at $20 - $50 or any console game for that matter. I almost feel guilty getting games so cheap. I know everyone is different and I've had my share of games with glitchy controls. But with time everything gets better. I still enjoy my 3DS although i find myself playing more iOS or Pc games.

      My 2 coppers worth.

      Wishing everyone a happy new year!!!

      • REkzkaRZ

        I like my iOS games, and I like my PS3 games. Controls are 10k better on PS3, even though I have so many buttons & so on.
        But there are some games on iOS that are very fun, have a simple premise, and execute it well.
        I don't think $60 is a reasonable price for PS3 games, but I also question whether $1 or $2 (or free) is a realistic price for good IOS games. I generally wait for PS3 games to drop to $15-$20 -- amazing what waiting a little bit can save you.

  • mistygio914

    Damn it Gameloft. You said Modern Combat 5 was going to be here before the holidays. Then, you said it will come after the holidays. What the hell happened to Brothers in Arms 3??!!. WTH IS GOING ON

  • Kriss Baye

    Im just waiting for jet car stunts 2