True Axis seems to be burning the midnight holiday oil, as this week they announced an actual release date for the years-in-the-making Jet Car Stunts 2, and today they've sent along a few new screens for one of the new upcoming parks for their fantastic skateboarding game True Skate [$1.99]. We first heard about the plan to bring four new skateparks to the game earlier this month, with some screens of a concrete park filled with transitions, but here's a closer look at the Schoolyard park that has more of a street skating feel to it.


screenshot screenshot3

In addition to that concrete skatepark and the schoolyard seen here, there will be two more new parks coming, both indoor style parks. The new parks will start launching as DLC for True Skate sometime in early January, and I'm sure we'll be getting a closer look at the other new parks in the near future. If you haven't checked out True Skate before, be sure to read our original review from last year and consider picking it up as it's far and away my most played iPhone game and one of the best skateboarding games in the entire App Store.

  • julian6077

    Best iphone game of all time.

    • C. Stubb

      Have ya played Jet Car Stunts?

    • elayenwai

      Absolutely, the fact that I can play this with one hand, unlike touch grind, has made this the iOS game that I have logged the most hours with. It's pick up and playability is off the charts.

  • postmodernpilot


  • Ramaz1234

    I'm excited for the new parks.. But why do they have to cost money ):

    • xzeldax3

      They gotta make a living somehow.

  • LiberachiX

    Reminds me of Tony Hawk 1 and 2

  • rich_952000

    I like this game, don't get me wrong, it just feels...empty somehow. If you like this you MUST buy Touchgrind Skate 2 by Illusion Labs, hands down the best skating game for the iOS. 🙂

  • elayenwai

    Disagree with Rich, as much as I like TG2, this right here is the best skate experience for iOS. While TG2 might have more bells and whistles, True Skate's control system gives the player much more control and a much greater feeling of accomplishment. TG2 gives the player the illusion of freedom while doing everything for them. With these extra parks, True Skate catches up with one of the things TG2 has over it, variety.

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